2008 was the date on which Youtube (much less created a search engine) surpassed Yahoo’s search, globally, becoming the second search engine with the most users .
Approximately 32% of searches in the United States are made through YouTube, a percentage that increases to 62% in the section of users between Psychiatrist Email Addresses 12 and 17 years. Founded by three former Paypal employees in 2005, it was purchased by Google in 2006, for a price of 1.65 billion euros

YouTube in numbers
As we have seen, YouTube is often discriminated against as a search engine; since it does not stop being a vertical search engine oriented towards the reproduction of videos.

However today we can say that in addition to being an excellent source of traffic, the contents on YouTube have 3 notably highlighted advantages:

Improves user experience.
Improve the penetration of brands (Branding).
Help boost the Global SEO of the page in Google.
Increasing more CTR through rich results
Increasing the conversion
Generating natural links
To finish fully understanding the power of YouTube as a search engine for content, let’s see some data:

It processes more than 3 Billions of searches each month,
surpassing all search engines, except Google itself.

One billion unique users each month
One in two Internet users visit YouTube every month; a rate second only to Google.

Greater than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined
The second most used search engine, and with the most primitive algorithm in the world, based on just 4 factors.

Youtube is transforming the way of consuming content on the Internet
If before we were accustomed to consume text content, YouTube is the preferred search engine for new generations, who prefer to consume content on video. Something that is causing brands to adapt quickly to this market.


More than 6 billion hours of video displayed each month
Almost one hour of viewing videos, for each person in the world, and with an increase of 50% each year since its creation.

More than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute
The fastest growing content network in the world, at the moment.
The most watched “channel” of television in the world Between the range of 18 to 34 years.
Market penetration in 53 countries and 61 languages
In addition to content in all existing recognized languages ​​(although not with a specific language version).
If YouTube were a country, it would be the third largest.
Behind China and India.