I recently had the opportunity to give a lecture at the Tec de Monterrey in San Luis Potosí . They invited me to discuss the issue of why Mexican companies should invest in Digital Marketing. In it I tried to give attendees reasons why companies should allocate budget for advertising on the Internet . At the end, one of them being approached me and told me to give him one reason to use the web as a means to attract customers to his business. It is very difficult to give a single reason when there is a lot to show off but I answered the following;

“Your client is changing the way Physical Therapist Email List they receive information, the companies that know how to adapt to change are those that are successful in sales and in satisfaction to their consumer. Only in San Luis Potosí we are more than 700 thousand Internet users, I bet we are looking for you in Google ”

As I said before, there’s a lot to brag about. A few months ago, IAB Mexico * launched the results of Internet Advertising Investment in Mexico during 2013-2014. In Mexico, Digital Marketing continues to grow and is increasingly accepted by small and medium-sized companies.
According to the results, during this last year $ 8,355 million pesos were invested in digital advertising, with search engines such as Google and the Display Network the most used media. Investment in Online Marketing grows approximately between 31% and 39% from 2009 to date in Mexico, while that of other media such as television, radio and print is growing is declining.

If you’re wondering why, let’s put it in figures; just over 59 million Mexicans use the internet, which represents 52% penetration. Television took decades to achieve these figures. The Internet did it in 4 years in Mexico. Companies are realizing that power and audiences are leaning towards the digital sector.
For example, Mexicans have an average of 1.5 televisions in their home, while between mobile devices and computers with Internet access, we add 2.4 on average per person with access to this service. On average 1.9 hours of television are watched daily while we last more than 4 connected to the web. In short, the Internet is the advertising medium that grows most in Mexico.

A few days ago, I read a column that mentioned that the Internet should already be in the basic basket of the Mexican. Let’s analyze a moment, not only the companies and products have changed due to this service, it has also changed the way we receive and consume information, the way we learn and study and in which we apply our knowledge to solve any problem in our lives everyday Now it is a basic service such as water, light, etc.

Digitalization in Mexico is here to stay and represents an attractive business opportunity for any type of company. Paradigms have been broken and advertising for large audiences is no longer exclusive to major brands. If you are a business owner, it is essential that when allocating advertising budget, you allocate a part to invest in digital media.
Have you noticed that your competition is better positioned in Google ?, Has advertising got them to your Facebook? Is your website better designed and optimized for smartphones?
Well it’s no coincidence, they are already adapting to the changes that digitalization demands.