There may be many reasons why a business has not decided to venture on the Internet, or that these early scans have not achieved great results; In any scenario, the topic of web positioning is a fundamental issue for the future and development of any project.

To be useful for any type of digital transformation for small and medium enterprises , in this guide we gather the essential information about the List of Architects  concept, the reasons why it is essential, and the short and long term advantages that will be reflected in a business that include in your plans.

What is web positioning?
When we need information about a topic, or acquire a product or service that has caught our attention -or we even urgently need-, we take our cell phone, think of the words to identify it, and check the results of an online search engine, such as Google.

If we have defined the words of our search well, it is normal that we find what we are looking for in the first page of results and we rarely get into what the following offer us.

Also, if that search involves hiring a service or acquiring a specific product, choosing that result will represent an immediate gain to the owner of that space. How does a business appear on the first page of results?

It is usually a common mistake to consider that this fact is subject to chance. The reality is that to appear on the first page, the result, in general on an Internet site, has been configured to respond to the specific data of the person who carried out the search, by means of strategies and technical level adjustments; what we call web positioning, or, SEO .

Advantages of web positioning
Often taken lightly or taken for granted in various strategies for online companies, a careful web positioning, performed by professionals and calibrated for the specific case will offer the following general advantages:

• Transform visits into profits . It is about generating satisfied customers. When choosing the essential keywords related to the business, the number of people visiting the site will be equivalent to the number of people who become customers.


• Its cost is stable . The best results will be achieved in the long term, and unlike other means of advertising, rather than paying for a space, an initial strategy is established and refined in order to increase profit margins.

• It gives authority and relevance to the brand . In the digital world there are no unbeatable competitors. A satisfied customer will share the experience and increase in the most natural way possible (word of mouth) the popularity of your business, which will affect the positioning and increase sales even more.

The emphasis is necessary: ​​all these advantages become common matter when we speak of a professional positioning strategy, so it is always important to have a team capable of analyzing the specific case and establishing a good strategy.

To get a little deeper and know some of the particular details of the trade that involves the positioning of a SME, now define some more technical concepts.

Defining SEO
Recognized by its acronym in English ( Search Engine Optimization ), this popular term of digital marketing refers to the combination of knowledge, strategies and techniques applied to the content and operation of a website, in order to respond to certain queries in a search engine. online.

The basic techniques take into account the use of keywords or keywords , as well as certain optimization processes for the site, in order to reduce the time it takes to load and ensure that it is easy to read, navigate and use for all

The most popular search engines establish a combination of automated filters (what we call an algorithm ) to define the relevance and relevance of the results they show a user of the service. Said algorithm is kept secret and changes periodically.

Here also lies the need to have experts in SEO : next to the algorithm, the strategies involve constant changes, as well as specialized research and experiments in order to guarantee good results, since the speed with which the medium changes is extraordinary.

SEO for SMEs
Ignored and left to chance, a null or deficient optimization can sink real transnational giants that flooded the network just a few years ago and that have now become a memory.

In parallel, a well defined optimization and complemented by a solid advertising strategy, will put any company at the level of competing with any giant, regardless of the item we are talking about.

There are three main axes on which such affirmations rest and that are part of a true professional service of optimization and positioning for SMEs : geolocation, relevance and visibility.

• Geolocation . Through this we focus on the target market. If you have a pizza business, there are a number of franchises that dominate the general market, but there will always be a latent market for searches of pizzerias near a specific neighborhood or street.

• Relevance . It is the era of unique and defined products. While there are certain leading brands in the results for jewelry, for example, these same brands may not cover a type of pieces made only in a region, whose search results already ensure an interested customer.

• Visibility . Probably the most relevant axis in terms of converting the traffic that a site receives in a potential customer of our product or service. Sometimes visitors arrive looking for something, and if they find it, they check other things that a site offers.

Knowing the essential information related to web positioning is a great first step to start the digital transformation that every business needs to achieve growth, and by including in the formula a professional and experienced ally like Quantum Marketing , you will be guaranteeing the results. Do not hesitate to ask for advice or leave a comment!