An Internet Marketing Agency, also called Digital Marketing Agency or Online Marketing Agency, is a company that provides the necessary services to exploit business opportunities on the WEB.
The objective of an Internet Marketing Agency should be to develop creative solutions that adapt to the communication needs Ailment Mailing List of new digital users. Although, as I mentioned before, the new technologies are a strategy to which you should get the most benefit, so we must “professionalize” the Internet. Another objective is to create better solutions, which, traditional media they do not cover due to the great digital revolution caused in recent years.
Nowadays, planning an Offline and Online strategy are totally different things. For this reason we have seen how some agencies have adopted the WEB Strategy as a division of their efforts, but that go hand in hand when it comes to launching users and consumers. Other times, we see how simply the Agency was born with its efforts totally focused on the Internet, and due to the large market that this service covers, they have chosen not to offer the Offline part in their services.
There are agencies focused on only some services such as Social Media, some others attack SEO and SEM, and the most recent, those that use Mobile Technology as their main weapon. Any of them you should choose depending on your goals and strategies. The most advisable thing is that you go to an Integral Agency; These cover a Complete Web Strategy that goes from the development of your site to that of a Mobile App. In short, they cover the majority of Internet Marketing services such as SEO, SEM, Mobile Apps and Marketing, Website Development, e-Commerce, Integral Loyalty and Social Media Strategies among others.

After having decided to have a presence on the internet, a business is faced with another interesting decision since now the internet has become a multiplatform tool, so that not only can a website be accessed through a computer, but also now there is mobile browsing through tablets and smartphones, this provides different navigation experiences since the characteristics of each of these three access routes are very different. Now all the tablets and most of the phones use touchscreen technology, this rules out the use of cursors, due to this the web design of the landing pagesthey must have a wider aesthetic so that the use of the hands does not hinder the visibility of the content. Focusing on mobile devices there are two trends that facilitate the correct interaction of the pages with the user: responsive design and mobile applications.

Both made for the purpose of being used in mobile devices, plus, each one has different specific objectives:

The responsive design is intended for users of mobile devices that come into contact with us through search engines or direct traffic to obtain our URL from another site, the responsive design seeks to improve the first impression of a potential client when entering our website , which is why this first contact has to be attractive as well as facilitating a simple interaction between the user and the page.

The mobile applications on the other hand, besides being specially designed for mobile devices are used primarily for people who are already familiar with the organization ie have already contacted us or given case purchased a product or service and looking to be the pending of the activities of the organization in addition to looking for special offers and information before anyone, for these cases the applications serve as loyalty method, since by means of push messages (notifications) they warn the user about updates, offers, or new information that should review, all this without even the application is running.

Now that we have reviewed the objective of the two, we can decide, well the use of any of them depends on the objectives that the organization has, whether it wants to increase its customers or increase the volume and frequency of its sales, depending on the needs at the moment should be taken into account if you opt for responsive web design or a mobile application .

Taking into account that in several of the organizations and companies does not have a team of programmers at hand, the development of a mobile application can be tedious or impossible if you do not have the necessary knowledge on how to do it, however again technology is the order of the day, because there are already several tools to create a simple application, with the necessary features for any organization or business, an example of this is Upplication, this service develops applications in an accessible and tailored way of any requirement, this in particular is the most useful since, in addition, when creating a mobile application , simultaneously a responsive website is created which can be viewed from any mobile device.

While on the other hand the design of a responsive web page can pose challenges, since all the appropriate website has to be designed for each mobile device, providing the essential information that the page has in its original version, the important thing is these cases is to synthesize the information.

And what happens if my website is not responsive, but I want to make a mobile version? The idea of ​​designing the site from scratch again is very expensive as well as taking a lot of time, but also for these cases sites have been created that offer help to develop mobile versions of entire sites in a very simple way, some of them for free like DudaMovile, Google had a similar page for free, called Full Value of Mobile by Google, however now it has become an electronic commerce measurement tool, which once advanced in the subject will help us calculate the ROI online.

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With respect to this initial difference, the ideal solution, whatever the case may be, is to use both the responsive web design and the mobile application, because although superficially both appear similar, they are actually aimed at different aspects of communication with customers and the public. in general.

In these moments in which the technological use and mobility increase day by day, it is necessary to use both applications and responsive design, it seems exaggerated but the more versatile our channels of communication with customers, the greater our conversion of a simple visitor to our site to a loyal customer.