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I will write regularly in our SEO blog “Search Engine Optimization” giving tips and tricks that we use to improve the visibility in the search engines and get attract visitors to your company website or blog.
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Many wonder what it is to be a SEO Manager or what job do you do?
There is no Wikipedia standard definition of what an SEO Manager would be, but for me the perfect definition would be the one that Jewellers Emails makes the Seo Strategy for companies and has the following characteristics and functions:

Must coordinate all areas of the different departments (Graphic Design, Programming, Content) making a joint strategy to optimize the web for the indexing of search engines.
Possess large doses of creativity to find niche markets that have not yet been exploited.
Have a great analytical capacity to find those key words “Keyword” that give better performance and productivity to the companies and perfectly handle the different web traffic measurement tools, to differentiate the quality visits of the others
Must be a very social person and not be afraid of not getting backlinks from other websites
You must have knowledge of the HTML code of which the web is composed to be able to know how to optimize the web.
Other functions performed are: Competition Analysis, Technical and Usability Audit (broken links, duplicate content ..),
There are many other functions that an SEO Manager should have, although the fundamental and most important thing is to have a continuous training and be up-to-date.

In all areas of Digital Marketing it is very important to know all the news that comes up, since what is worth for today maybe tomorrow may not be worth it.

Regarding search engine positioning, we are continuously undergoing changes in the algorithm with respect to search engines and more specifically with Google, which is the search engine with a 93% market share in Mexico.

Google as an innovative company that is, is continually evolving and wants the user to find the desired information with the least possible searches.

Google updates its algorithm 500 times a year, some are not detected but other changes can make your web go from being in first position to not even appear, the best known are:

Panda: It was designed to combat low quality content in search engine results, penalizing duplicate content and those websites with excessive advertising and outbound links.

Penguin: It was created to fight against spam webs, it wants to finish with those pages that use where artificial links are created to position other pages and those that overoptimize the web pages with fill words.

Other important changes have been: Hummingbird, Knowledge Graph, Exact Match Domain, Venice

In Definitiva what is important for an SEO Manager is to be as up-to-date as possible and to carry out those global digital strategies together with all the areas of the company that manage to optimize the web both internally and externally, always using White Hat techniques that avoid penalties from search engines. , but especially Google.

Everyone wants to sell online that is a fact and it is very common in Mexico for small businesses and businesses that this is only an attempt, so we bring you some tools that may interest you if you want to start selling on the internet.

Not long ago it was common to find businesses that claimed to sell on the internet using e-commerce, however when entering your website we found a site full of images and to be able to buy you had to fill out a form specifying the product for which you were interested, then wait to receive a quote, prices or, where appropriate, steps to make the purchase process offline. Is this also considered as selling on the internet? It could be said that yes, however, nothing could be considered a site today as well as an online store.

Online stores are those webs that have a shopping cart that can manage the part of payments and, if applicable, also deliveries, that is to say that the process of selling is carried out completely online and once the product has been paid, we will only wait until This arrives at the buyer’s doors. An easy and quick process for the user.

Some aspects for the creation of an online store should be considered, however the weight aspect when planning to establish one, is undoubtedly the size of it; that is, the number of products that will be sold, it is not the same to sell twenty products to have a range of more than a thousand in different sizes and colors. For this reason, you will surely ask what is best for your business and we present the types of online stores you can use, we go from more to less:


Programming, that’s right, the perfect store does not exist unless you believe it yourself or in your case you have the capital to create it, however this method gives all the advantages of the world if you have a well defined and clear what the store will do, you can always rely on professionals and experts who will assemble your store from scratch, this gives ample advantages since there will be total control of everything that happens in the store.

There are very complete platforms that allow you to have a store with a complete control and good positioning, WordPress and Magento are the option for those who need to sell several products, there are also different customizable themes for both tools as well as plugins that make it possible to do almost anything .