I have always said that training and consulting are good tandem. The experiences and learning pass from one side to the other with great ease. Making both of them compatible is enormously enriching.

I have been training companies and individuals for many years. They are the traditional audiences to which the training programs are oriented  singapore email list.

But in the case of consulting I have always defined it as a company. UNTIL NOW.
After a few months since the launch of the online digital marketing course, I have come to realize that there is a better way to help people.

Every good training program that boasts, combines the theoretical part with the practice. The best way to assimilate each concept is to put it into practice. And if it’s with your own business, better yet.

In this aspect the program that I have launched perfectly meets the needs of the students. But, how can I help you more and better?

There is a better way to help people launch their business
MAXIMUM IMPLICATION. That could be the summary.
If I give you the theoretical and practical training you will learn a lot. This may be sufficient for certain profiles. But if you are launching or already directing your own digital business, you need something more.

What would you think if, in addition to forming you, I am personally involved and I help you launch your project?

That’s why I’ve thought about creating a product that combines theoretical-practical training with consulting and that helps freelancers and startups launch their digital business.

Online Marketing Mentoring of Tristán Elósegui
When you are setting up your own business as a freelancer or you are responsible for a startup, you have a lot of things to think about: definition of the product or service, commercial offer, work processes, … and of course, in your marketing plan digital to launch and start selling.
The normal thing is that your greater contribution of value is in the product or service that constitutes the base of the business. It is the starting point and you have to devote all your attention.

But what about your plan to launch your business? How are you going to make it known? What will be your main communication channels? How are you going to sell your product or service? How can you make all those ideas come true in an action plan that allows you to get going? The list of things to keep in mind is very long.

Reduces to four months or less the process of definition and implementation of the marketing plan
That’s why I propose my online marketing mentoring program in which during 4 months you will combine training and weekly mentoring sessions in which I will solve your possible doubts about the training program, and what is more important, I will guide you in the definition and validation of each of the phases of the digital strategy.

My commitment is to offer you the maximum involvement and put at your service my almost 20 years of experience to help you define your marketing strategy and the action plan to launch your digital business.

Can you imagine reducing the process of defining your marketing plan to 4 months or less and being sure that it is well focused?

This mentoring with my personal help is not for anyone
It is only for people who want to commit to achieving results, because once we start that will be inevitable.

Therefore, if you are a person to take action, what do you think if we organize an online meeting to get to know each other, tell me about your project or company and see if we can collaborate?

The meeting will be completely free and I will give you total clarity about where your business is failing and the steps you must take.

Although later we decide not to work together, the meeting will have served to give you the total clarity of the path you must take to improve your business. You have nothing to lose, but you have a lot to gain.