The new digital trends for your company in the next 5 years

It is impossible for the world to stop creating new and innovative things that are increasingly adapted to the needs of the market Journalist Email List and the environment in which we find ourselves. The day to day changes is why it is of utmost importance to know the new creations to facilitate our activities or tasks.

Top 7 trends that you can use in the future for your company:

1.-Bespoke e-commerce: The most customized custom electronic commerce, from suits, clothes and accessories distinguish them personally from a laptop or business software.

2. Smart Bracelet : Smart bracelets that inform you of incoming calls to models that show a virtual screen in your hand and have all the functions of a smartphone.

3.-Social Exclusivity: Users of social networks want more and more privacy of their content. The new trend is the instantaneous use and to clean it automatically after being seen.

4.-The future is streaming: There is more and more consumption of audiovisual content, images and gifs in streaming, but increasingly faster is more accessible to everyone.

5.- Digital wallets: 48% of the users of smartphones prefer to use the telephone and mobile means to make their payments. 80% believe that the telephone will be the almost unique form of means of payment for 2020, something that is becoming more common every day.


6.- Privacy formats: People are increasingly worried about saving their personal data. Forms of payment and exchange of information that do not affect the privacy of users will be imposed.

7.-Mental control: Communication with the thought and control of devices through the mind is a trend increasingly closer to the technological reality in which we live.

These digital trends in the near future will be tools that will facilitate the tasks in your company and will be available to all thanks to the constant technological innovation. It is important to keep informed of the new trends of business use to make the most of them and simplify work activities.