As they send the traditions, here you have me with the summary of the most read articles in this blog. Here I leave the links to the previous years: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011. And speaking of years, in 2019 this blog turns 10 years old. Things will start happening in January … and in April I will organize something special.

As in 2017, I will differentiate between the articles of 2017 and articles for the rest of the years that continue to capture traffic. I hope you enjoy reading!

Is Linkedin becoming the new Facebook ?: Changes in user behavior make Linkedin increasingly similar to Facebook, increasingly more general and less professional  china email lists. What can we do to prevent it?
How to define an audience profile step by step: a correct definition of the audience profile is 50% of a marketing plan. So imagine how important it is to know how to define it correctly. In this article I also give you a practical case.

What happens if you lose half of your database for the new RGPD ?: literally NOTHING. And I say it from my own experience. What’s more, I have happened to have open percentages above 60% and almost the same CTR and clicks.
What motivates us to buy a product ?: What is that factor that gives us the last push to make the purchase?
What is a USP ?: Well, summarizing it a lot, what will make our audience decide on our product before that of the competition, is it important?
Articles before 2018:

What is and what is a dashboard ?: In the same way that cars have a scorecard with the main indicators of its operation, the strategy of our company must have one that allows you to make the best decisions.
10 tips to have a good conversation: the article summarizes a talk by Celeste Headlee in Ted Talks and helps us focus on what is important.
What is synergy and why is it so important in a marketing strategy? Looking for synergy between the actions that make up the strategy will improve results and reduce costs.

What is a marketing strategy and what is it for ?: 2016 article that is positioned in the top 3 global blog. In the definition of marketing strategy, the difference of tactics and also put a practical example and links where to expand information.
What is an insight? Finding it correctly allows us to define the hidden, and sometimes unconscious, motivation that leads our audience to buy our products. Important, is not it? This is a 2013 article and it continues to attract a lot of traffic!