The most important factors of SEO for Electronic Commerce
As in any web, there are essential factors in search engine optimization and in the specific case of products we must pay much more attention, given the large number of urls and pages that we can find, in Quantum Marketing we are experts in SEO for Realtor Email List Online stores and we have compiled a list of the most important factors:

Web Address – Product URL
The web address must be unique and original
The url must contain the objective keyword that the previous keyword research has given us
It must be descriptive, friendly and semantic to generate force, the customer and Gogole robots must know what the product is or what it is about just reading the url.
Title Tag – “Title for Google results
The most important thing is that it is unique and original, but Google can consider it duplicate content and penalize us
The Title must also contain the target keyword,
The more to the left, the more strength Ej will have: “Levis 500 Jeans – Last minute offers”,
The Title must try to draw attention to increase the CTR of the web
Important that is greater than 35 characters and less than 65.
Heading H1 – “Title for Users of the Online Store”
They must be original and unique so as not to cannibalize with other h1 of other products
The target keyword should appear
It should be at the top of the page
Always be above any other heading (h2, h3, h4), respecting the hierarchy
It may be the same as the title but some variation is recommended, including a related keyword
It is also important that some h2 or h3 appear on the product page, with some unique feature where we can include a related word.
Product image
It must also be optimized for search engines
The name of the file must be written descriptively
Include the alt attribute with the description of the article
We must also include the title attribute (it is the text that appears when we move the cursor over the image)

Product Description – (not to be confused with meta description)
The description must be unique and original (can not be copied from the main provider’s website)
The more quality content we provide the user, the more value they will have
It must include specifications, type of material, ingredients, measures, instructions
We can give more value to the product if we include other types of elements such as videos, presentations, infographics
Customer Comments and Ratings
The comments are important and we should not be afraid of what they think, they give security to customers and are also indexed by google giving more original content to the product.

Internal link
Both the new products and those that generate us the most benefits must be strongly linked internally, the closer to the home page more linkjuice can receive. You can create sections on the home page such as: “News” “The best-selling products” .

Security Signs and Trust Logos
Security: Recently Google indicated in its Blog, that it would give importance to the pages that had the protocol in the https url, to give greater security to the users. At the moment this factor according to the study of searchmetrics is not affecting the results of the serps, but it is expected to be an important factor in the future.
Logos: It is important not so much for the SEO but for the trust of the client, show certificates of trust (verfy design), forms of payment (paypal, visa …), shipping and places …

Adaptable to Mobile “Responsive Design”
It is one of the factors that Google is promoting more, it is vital for the user experience and the search engines are realizing this. in the blog of webmasters tools the following article was published to see article in reference to this, even giving a date on April 21 where this factor would be decisive in the positioning, See article Mobile Friendly Search

In Quantum all our web designs are responsive adapted to any device , desktop or mobile.

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