Everything that exists on the Internet and is digitized is available to everyone, is what in principle makes the web an innovative means of communication, everything is public for all, only limited by the consent of the person who shares it. However, while traditional Advertising Agency Mailing List commerce moved towards an e-commerce model, security was and still is an issue that is worth talking about, obviously no one likes to expose their card number, phone number, address and another handful of data that we affect in real life. When what we do on the Internet has an impact on our daily lives, it is necessary to take measures that guarantee the security of our personal data and maintain our privacy.

While it is the responsibility of web service providers, protect our bank accounts, email and other, cyber attacks that may be against these What can we do as users to maintain our privacy and avoid spam or even a hack?

Well, although the web has a number of sites that collect information from us, what we as users can do to keep our privacy safe consists of simple habits that many times nobody follows:

Publish personal data: Usually in social networks we raise our whole life and this has nothing wrong, however it is preferable to keep data such as: phone number, address and email, only visible to those people who are really trusted.
Add unknown contacts: The days when you added friends and emails by the bunch are already in the past, it is preferable to maintain contact only with those people you actually know and thus avoid unwanted messages that will only make you nervous.
Linking or synchronizing accounts: Many times we keep all the accounts we have on the web interconnected using the same email or even synchronize our different mobile devices with the cloud, this although useful in some cases, may result in the same person that sent us a chain by twitter send us again by email or facebook, can even open the door to a hack or identity theft, in which our privacy is exposed.
Passwords : Yes, it is very common that we do not change our passwords or password words that would be very easy for someone to discover, so we recommend using broader passwords with numeric characters, as well as upper and lower case letters and of course, a character Special will add more difficulty for hackers, if you want to know how safe your current password is you can also do a test on this site .
These are some precautions that we must take into account, if we do not want to see our privacy invaded. As users of services and consumers, the personal data we provide to private companies and services are covered in Mexico by the federal consumer protection law as well as the federal law of protection of personal data held by individuals (LFPDPPP) these two in Together they regulate that the entities do not divulge the data that we entrust to them when acquiring some product or service, more, as we well know it is not enough to leave everything in the hands of the companies and we also have to do our part to have our privacy assured.

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First of all, it can be said that the responsibility for privacy on the web is divided into two parts;

The users , who voluntarily decide to share private information sometimes without thinking or even knowing it.

The companies , institutions and different bodies responsible for safeguarding this information.

In all the sites in which we enter our data it is good to take a few minutes to review their privacy policies, as it is established by law that the personal information of any user should not be disclosed unless the latter authorizes it by express, do not trust of the little letters and neither do you piques accept anything.