Today March 8, women’s day, as a reason for celebration, this post or entry will be different, because I will talk a little about myself. The reason? This is the #MujeresEnDigital Contest: 12 6 Month Scholarships for Women in the Platzi Online Courses by Aleyda Solis . But more than a contest is an opportunity to know myself, to know where I am heading in these moments of my life and, why not, that you also know a little more about me.

I am Ana Karen López Halún, a 25-year-old Mexican woman with Lebanese roots, who was brought to San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Passionate about music and dance and with tastes for design. I must accept that, although I was not sure what to do with Loan Officer Email List my life, studying marketing was and is the best thing that has happened to me. In my opinion it is a race that is never stable, there is always something new to learn and more in these times in which technology is already exceeding us.

Since I finished my degree, I have been dedicated to online marketing, I started as a community manager, without knowing anything, thinking that it would be easy, I say, to be on facebook all day. UFF! the ideal job, but I was wrong, I’m not saying it’s complicated, but it does require time and knowledge. Now I’m starting in the knowledge of SEO, which I love, and this contest fell like a glove.

Where did I meet SEO?
In 2015 I started working for a marketing agency, which started in the digital aspect, that’s where I met the SEM, I even got a certification, and yes, I listened to SEO, but my activities did not focus on it.

Recently I started working in a digital marketing agency located in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, in which SEO is one of my main activities, however, I still lack a lot of preparation, but seeing the passion that SEO Manager has, It made me recognize that I also want to share that passion with more people.

In addition to being able to grow in my work, I would like, someday not too far away, to be able to offer SEO courses. This contest has motivated me to continue learning about digital marketing and I have noticed that more and more women are engaged in this field.

Now that I am learning from him, I realize that I do want to train myself more, because, I like, I am interested, he constantly teaches me.

I am a responsible, hardworking and fast learning person when something is of my interest. What I love about digital marketing is that there are always new things to learn and this has become my favorite hobby, so I decided to participate in this contest and prepare more.

Thank you for the opportunity!! And congratulations to all the women in our day.