In this new post, we wanted to talk about the best tools to make a good Keyword Research to improve the natural positioning of our websites.

The best tools to make a good Keyword Research are:

The Google Adwords keyword planner
Google Keyword Planner Web Tool

The keyword planner of Google Adwords is the tool that I recommend and will recommend most SEO professionals for the Bank Email List realization of a good Keyword Research.
This tool, which is also free, will be used to obtain the data of the necessary keywords and you will obtain the following essential information:

Number of monthly searches in a global, local, language and even temporary way.
You can check the level of competition (for advertising in Adwords) and the bid suggested by google (recommended CPC)
When you indicate a keyword to search, it will offer you many ideas about other related keywords
Google guide How to use the word planner Keys see more

Semrush – How to improve my Keyword Research watching the competition?
Semrush Web Positioning Study

Undoubtedly Semrush is one of the best tools for your web positioning campaigns and to make a great keyword Keyword Reseaerch, it is a tool that most SEO professionals use.

Semrush allows you with a quick search and an intuitive panel to know the most searched keywords, related keywords and even the degree of organic difficulty of the keywords in front of the competition, although the most important thing of this tool is that it allows you to investigate the key words by which the competition is positioned and get more ideas of how the sector under study is redirected.

The most used analytics tool by SEO professionals: Semrush
├Übbersugest – – Keyword Shitter – Keywords Long Tail
Ubbersuggest Keyword ResearchKeyword Shitter Keywordskeyword-io

These three keyword research tools are very similar but very powerful to find new market words and especially niche markets, use the same concept of suggestions and related keywords from Google. They are intuitive and easy to use and will save you a lot of time that you would spend on your explorations of suggestions and keywords provided by Google.

Discover the keyword research tools at: Ubbersuggest – – Keyword shitter

Google Webmasters Tools – Measure your metrics and impressions
Webmaters Tools Web Tool GoogleOne of the tools that I use the most (since Google analytics has 90% of not provided) is webmasters tools, you can have almost exactly what are the keywords for which your website is appearing in the google search, giving you data of number of impressions and number of clicks, the big drawback of this tool is that if you do not have a good positioning you will not be able to know the number of impressions.

Google Adwords – Make a small campaign for your Keyword Research
Google Adwords SEO Tool

As we have said, Google Analytics has hidden a lot of information and with webmasters tools from google we will not know the searches that there are about a keyword unless we are positioned on the first page.

Especially for the beginnings I recommend doing a small campaign in Google Adwords with keywords that we want to analyze, in this way and only paying Google if it is going to give us the real search information that is happening at this moment, it is recommended above all for niche words or new keywords that we can not have a history of, such as new products or buzzwords.

The only downside here is that in saturated markets if your ad is not quality you will not appear on the front page and you will not get this information.