With the arrival of smartphones, the appearance of new ways of communicating has also come; both between acquaintances, and between clients and companies. All this has allowed a boom in the applications for companies , which allow the approach between Accountants Email List consumers and suppliers of services or products.

Going into the world of applications may seem complicated or unnecessary, especially when you do not know the different options offered. Similarly, there are applications that facilitate work within the company, facilitating communication among workers.

There is no rule that tells us whether or not we should have one, but after knowing the options and benefits of each, you can decide properly which one is best for you

What types of applications are there?
We might think that applications are reduced messaging and social games or app , and that having a web page we have what it takes to get closer to those who use mobile devices, but this is not entirely correct.

1. Nativa App
It is developed specifically for a specific operating system (iOS or Android); therefore, it is necessary to use the language of each one so that it can be used in all the devices.

You do not need the Internet to use and since they can access features such as GPS, camera and many others you can provide a better user experience.

2. Web App
The programming language that they use allows them to work correctly regardless of the device used.

They are executed in the browser, therefore, it is necessary to use the Internet to make them work. It is required to adapt the web page to mobile format.

3. Native Web App
It is a combination of the above, they use a language that can be used in all operating systems, so you only have to make one version of it.

It usually requires the Internet to work properly, but being able to access specific features of the devices, the user experience is very good.

What are the needs of your company?
You need applications that allow for better interaction with customers or that facilitate interaction among workers.

Depending on these needs you can know if what you need is to create an app or, on the other hand, you need to use one to improve your production.

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What are the applications for companies?
If what you need is an application that allows a better interaction between the workers, you can make use of some of the existing ones that have as their purpose this.

Another great use of these applications is that they tend to be platforms that allow us to improve the organization both within and with the suppliers and of course with the clients, although they do not interact with us through the use of these.

What are the mobile applications for companies?
Whether paid or public you can make use of multiple existing platforms, which has functions of business messaging, storage, management, monitoring and security, among many others.

The purpose of these is to help you make the different processes more efficient, as well as to give workers remote work options so that, if necessary, they can carry out their activities without having to go to the office.

Do you need interaction with customers?
If, on the other hand, what you need is to improve the approach you have with customers, what your company needs is a business application, in the same style as large commercial chains.

The purpose of these is to have greater control over the way in which we offer our services or products, facilitating the client’s search and acquisition of products.

What is your audience?
Depending on the audience that we intend to reach, it must be the design that we give to our application, making it more or less informal as required.

The importance of this lies in the intention to keep our regular consumers and attract new consumers who share these interests.

What types of business applications are there?
Web applications. These are the applications that are intended to be used from the browser of a computer.

Mobile web applications. As its name says it is those that are intended to be used from mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets; therefore, they must be optimized for these devices.

Mobile apps. These are the ones designed especially for mobile phones. They have a specially designed interface and even when they can be linked to the website, unlike the previous options they are generally designed to work even if you do not have an Internet connection.

Where can customers get the apps ?
In case of being web applications they are accessed through any browser that is available.

In case of specific applications for mobile download directly from the app stores of each device.