Google Analytics: The 5 Indispensable Metrics for a Web Analysis.
The web analytics is one of the areas of digital marketing most neglected by businesses in Mexico, thanks to free tools to our website Apparel Company Database as Google Analytics can capture plenty of data to better understand what happens in our website is indispensable today if we want to improve the efficiency of our website.

Here I present the most important metrics to take into account in Google Analytics

1.- Unique Visitors of our web
Google Analytics allows us to know exactly the number of different people who access our website. A unique visitor interacts with our website and generates several page views and different sessions.

2.- Average of Pages per visit
It is the numerical average of pages with which a user has interacted in his visit to the website. It helps us measure the degree of interest in the content of the site for users and the relevance of our brand.

3.- Average time on the page
Google Analytics offers us one of the most important data such as the average time of stay of visitors on a page: With this metric you can measure how long users stay depending on the content. The time spent on the page is one of the most important factors for Google when determining if an article is interesting for users.

4.- Web Rebound Percentage
This metric tells us the percentage of visitors that enter our website and have left it without visiting any additional page of our site. It gives us the key to the interest generated by our information or the design and usability of our page. By providing a correct browsing experience and sharing interesting content we will obtain lower bounce rates. This Metric is also very important for the Search Engine Positioning in Google Mexico, since Google wants the user to find the information they need in the fastest way possible and a very high rebound% means that the Web does not have a content of quality that provides value to the user.

5.- Traffic Sources
They are the channels through which we are receiving visitors who access our website. Google Analytics divides the sources of traffic between:

Direct traffic: These are the visits that arrive when you enter the URL of our website in the browser directly.
Referred traffic: Which of our visits are we receiving thanks to the media linked to our content.
Organic search: These are the visits that enter the web through the search engines.
Social: It is the traffic that we receive on our website through our social networks.
Although there are metrics of many types and for different activities, the ones shown in the post are the ones that I consider most relevant when measuring the efficiency of a website: knowing which contents are generating the most interest, which do not call attention to the user and where the visits come; from them we can start to establish our KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and develop strategies to improve the functioning of our Site.

The image of a company is the most important, it is what identifies it from others and makes the user prefer it. The image ranges from the colors used, the advertising that is handled, the design of the establishments, the advertisements, the language, to the logo.

What is a logo?
A logo is a distinctive design consisting of letters, symbols, colors, which serve to identify a business or company.

Every company needs a logo, this is the identity of the company, it is a symbol that represents their values ​​and what they want to make known. Therefore, a good logo is the basis of any company, if it does not attract attention, it is very likely that the consumer easily forget the company. The more symbolic our logo is, the easier it will be to remember it.

According to Manuel Estrada, creator of Design, a good logo can increase sales or the results of a company up to 15%.

When thinking about a brand, the first thing you think about is the logo . This happens as companies use all possible means to make it known .

Did you know that each person receives at least 3,000 advertising hits per day?
There are many examples in the market, Coca Cola with its distinctive red color, Apple with its apple, Adidas with its three bars, etc. Everyone can identify these logos and what companies are treated, this is because from the beginning these companies managed to capture the customer’s attention. Your brand must be strong and with this your logo too, so you will show your client the quality of your company and your services.

With social networks, brands should call the attention of the consumer instantaneously, this due to the infinity of content that appear in your feed. What companies show in their profile is what is going to stand out from others, and this is thanks to its logo.Manufacturing Production Directors, Managers Email Lists

Who can help me with the design of my logo?
The design of your logo must be one of the first decisions you make when creating your business, leaving it always in the hands of experienced people, such as graphic designers.

So that a designer can help you with your logo you must first have defined what you want for your company, the values ​​that you want to show, your objectives, where you want to arrive, etc.

Is it necessary to redesign my logo?
Sometimes companies decide to redesign their logo, or often a complete change of image. This most of the cases is beneficial, because as your business grows you must also do your logo, but there have been cases where the company has not benefited from not having conducted market research to its customers. This is why it is very important to review all your alternatives before making a drastic change to your image.

Here we show some examples of recognized brands that have been redesigned their logos as the company grows, and thanks to this they are still recognized worldwide.

Many times companies forget the importance of a good logo, but it is something that we should not overlook. A logo is the business card that you show to customers, so you must meditate very well what design you want for your logo.

Surely you’re wondering, what features does a good logo have? Here we leave you some:

It must have the essence of the brand, for this you must know the company, its services, its values, etc. very thoroughly.
It must be attractive to the target audience. This means that if your company is for a child audience you must put bright colors and figures that are easy to understand, otherwise if your company is aimed at a middle-aged audience, you would use more serious colors and symbols.
It has to be original and very easy to remember.
It has to be adaptable to any format. Your logo should look good from a mobile, on your website, as a watermark, on a business card, etc.
It must be simple and avoid having unnecessary or superficial elements
It must survive the passage of time.

It is difficult to put into practice all these characteristics but it is essential that they are followed if you want your company to be recognized; It is therefore important to invest in a good logo designed by a professional, as already mentioned.

We already show you what features should have a good logo, now we will show you what you should avoid if you want your logo, like your company, to be a success.

Have designs made with programs that are not for serious designs such as Word, PowerPoint, etc.
Buy logos in image banks.
Use typography difficult to read.
Have a logo filled with images or symbols.
Copy to another company.
Base on fashions or trends for your design.

Finally, what should you remember?
The first impression is very important. It will take your client only 2 seconds to judge your company just for its image. This will depend on whether we attract potential customers or move them away. It is also what differentiates us from the competition, that is why it is important to show a clean image, that is visible and with which they can identify you, otherwise it is possible for clients to change their company.

Your logo is the personal brand of the company and what will identify it from now on, so it is important that you pay attention to the tips that we already mentioned.
If you have problems with your logo, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.