Definition of Community manager
Some companies have well-defined spaces for professionals designated as community manager . However, there are businesses that are not clear about what functions should be carried out, particularly in new businesses.

This uncertainty regarding the field of action of a community manager has led, on the one hand, to an underestimation of their work. On the other hand, the indeterminacy of its activities, which makes it think that, equally, is mediator in social networks that seller or point of contact between a company and its consumers . The truth is that a real CM is Attorney Email Lists a bit of all this and much more.

What are the functions of a community manager?
In a world where everything is developed on the Internet, businesses have taken a big presence and have won their audience through the large network. To achieve this, they rely on two basic platforms: their own website and social networks. However, the users of the latter do not use them in order to buy products, but to live their daily lives. That is where the definition of a CM is framed .

Its main function is to be the live presence of the brand on the Internet, both on the website and on social networks. But let’s see how the complex gear of this online presence operates.

Activities of a community manager
Website of a company
Immediately a question arises: if the community around the brand is mainly in social networks, why should I do something on the website? Because among its activities, a CM is responsible for positioning a brand in the search engines, creating current and original content.

The CM performs site analysis activities, which subsequently lead it to plan strategies to generate, publish and distribute that content. This activity is closely linked with social networks. Once the content of a blog is updated in a company, it is mainly in social networks where it is presented to the general public, but it is also there where other activities of a community manager arise .

Management of social networks
In terms of content, each company has social networks that are better adapted to its objective. Of course, in most cases the goal is to reach the public, not only the target but the potential. A community manager knows this and therefore adapts the way that content is presented to each social network, but also knows the time and day when it should be published to reach more people.

His work of analysis and publication of content does not end there, since exhausting the reach of a potential audience is not limited to the moments of greatest impact but also to the form and the type of content with which the lowest flow must be addressed. A CM knows that a company must never lack a presence in the network , even in moments of less impact, without this implying wasting its main content.

Other functions of social networks
On the other hand, the work of a community manager is not limited to the creation of content, its planning and dissemination, but it is the direct voice between the users and the brand. Their work involves establishing a first effective contact, either with the target audience or with potential clients, but it is also a mediator before conflicts with the brand and between the users themselves.

This is because a brand can have prescribers , who are people with a special affinity towards it who, with their loyalty, can defend up to the last consequence what the brand represents. The contact with them is fundamental to maintain their fidelity.

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But a brand also has detractors, battle continuously with the competition, must deal with advertising counter-campaigns and even own mistakes such as failures in their products or in the media discourse of their managers. For all this, it is the CM who must give the face in each case , with very specific activities, for example:

– Knowing how to win and cope with opposing opinions without ever allowing an impulsive attitude.

– Being up to date with the information of the competition and even sharing their information, regardless of being left without the baton in a subject. This vision that adds value to knowledge is widely valued by users, who are increasingly aware consumers.

– Knowing how to redirect any negative image of the brand towards the generation of a new learning .

All the above information leads to a key issue.

What is the profile that a community manager must meet?
There are very definite characteristics between the skills that must be mastered and the skills that a CM must have.

Professional profile
Until about ten years ago, this position did not exist and today it has a very broad labor offer. Your work, more than in communication, should be considered as part of the marketing of a company. Hence, its formation arises from commercial areas , but with a specialization in digital media. For this, large universities nowadays offer specialized courses, diplomas and even graduate programs.