In the IV edition of the Meeting of Agencies, held on May 19, we had the pleasure of having one of the discussion tables, with the representatives of five marketing agencies that gave us their personal vision on the news and trends that they are living in what concerns paid advertising on the main platforms.

Also, as we will see later, they told us about the importance that an advertising agency acquires due to the speed with which the tools evolve and the large number of changes that appear to offer the best results to companies that opt ​​for this type of  belgium email lists.

The previous paper by Sergio Falcón, served as a starting point since it focused on 12 errors that are usually committed in advertising SEM.

One of those points was very interesting to understand the objectives of online advertising:

If you do not find the demand, generate it yourself.

meeting of agencies
They joined us at this debate table
For this occasion we have five advertising agencies represented by experts who, day by day, manage large and small customer accounts in Google Adwords and Facebooks Ads. For this reason, your experience and criteria are very useful to know where the news in payment advertising that are to come are pointing.

“They ask us to work the lower part of the” funnel “but there is a large mass of potential customers that we have to know how to reach.”

“Those who want to be good have to” excel “knowing how to use the new tools and correctly applying the strategies.”

We leave you the full video of the 3rd round table of the IV Meeting of Agencies:

3 20Principal developments in terms of paid advertising in Online Marketing
The main novelty in which the four speakers agreed was the trend in audience segmentation.

The major platforms, both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, during this year have shown that their main objective is the work of audiences in online advertising.

We not only talk about audiences of clients who have passed through our site and from whom we can have data, but of audiences related to our clients that can be reached to multiply the possibilities of conversion.

Companies are increasingly putting themselves in the shoes of the consumer and want specific marketing strategies for each type of customer, it is not the same that already knows us that he does not yet know about us.

They want to control each point of contact with the client in the different phases before getting the conversion.

The agencies have several challenges in hand, on the one hand to face the new technological integration, learn to use the convergence of the different online advertising channels and, finally, manage in an appropriate way the data of their clients to be able to segment by audiences and optimize the investment made in each campaign.The big question: How can you manage this type of trends in terms of online advertising within the agency?
Little by little, new technologies such as “salesforce” begin to appear that allow us to treat customer data, take them to different advertising platforms and have the possibility of offering segmented and specific advertising for each audience.

Google Adwords, for example, allows us to import e-mails from clients and soon we will be able to do it with mobile phones to be able to work with what is our audience and, in addition, reach similar and similar audiences.

All these new tools and technologies require a team that knows how to automate, manage and optimize to offer good results.

And that is why, more and more, the synchronization of departments within the agency is essential.

The agency and the client have to work as if they were a team
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Top fashion bloggers Enter new players like Amazon on the pitch
Amazon is the giant that counts at the same time with the transaction, the support and the relationship with the client.

Until now, if we advertised in Google Adwords, we obtained directly to the client, but the rules of the game have changed since both the client and the transaction go through Amazon.

In addition, it has its own segmentation of audiences and is the second largest search engine in the world, where those searches are fully commercial by users.

There is a big difference between just knowing how to handle an advertising tool and understand how the algorithms behind them work in order to establish, in a more efficient way, our online advertising strategy.

In Amazon, for example, variables such as stock, customer opinions, valuations, etc. come into play.

But it is true that Amazon does not always know how to use its own audiences since, sometimes, emails arrive from products that we have already bought. They need to know how to manage all that data of users correctly so that their strategy works at 100%.Rumor or reality: Agencies will die as the client begins to manage their advertising
The trend in the US and UK is that many large companies begin to internalize this service, something that clashes with the complexity that is acquiring this great ecosystem of online advertising.

The experience and knowledge with which the agency has a point in their favor in the face of what the client may have to opt for an “in house” management. It is difficult to accept this rumor, since the agency provides professionalism, updating, resources, etc.

Many agencies have a department that sometimes goes unnoticed by the client, it is the technology department that acquires enormous importance in the development of the strategy.

The key is to work in a team, between the agency and the client and share information. Something that is not always easy since there is usually a reluctance on the part of the company to provide their “client data” so that the agency can use it in the strategy for fear of losing control of that data.

The agencies have to make us value for the talent of the people that make up our team and that is what will make the client see that the “fee” he pays us is justified by the ROI that we provide to his investment.

The basis of the transformation is talent
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The agency has a global vision and the ability to offer solutions adapted to the client.

The services provided by the agency tend to be cheaper compared to having a staff of people who carry all the marketing of the company. The vision of the agency is much broader than the vision that can have that only takes the needs of a company.

There are many variables that have to be taken into account when assessing whether the company may be interested in hiring an agency or performing this work “in house”, such as: costs, human resources, monthly tools costs, a day in the changes and evolution of online marketing …

The good thing is that progress, complexity and changes are so great that it is necessary to be 100% involved to be aware of everything and prepare the ground to control these changes.

And you, what do you think are the news in advertising SEM?
Well, you’ve already seen what the agencies think about news and changes that are approaching in paid advertising.

What do you think? We would like to know your opinion, surely you can give us some very interesting idea or novelty that you know.

In addition, you can not miss all the contents related to this and the other editions of the Meeting of Agencies and, of course, we hope to see you in the next edition!