Commands: How to search in an advanced way in Google?
4 out of 5 Internet users use Google as our main search engine. If you are one of those 4, then you know how to perform a Google search.

Nothing complicated, right? … But, how much do you know about Google searches?

Currently Google has customized their search results, that is, Google analyzes your behavior on the web and gives you the results you think can be adapted more to your interests. What results to you, will not be the same as me.

Tip: If you want to perform a search that does not suit your interests or your profile, you can do it from a “New Incognito Window”. Browsing incognito will show you general searches, without focusing on anyone.

In Google you can search in different ways.

Basic search
The basic search is to write Pharmacy Database what you want in the search box and press “enter”. Google will automatically start searching your application on the Web, providing you with relevant content. In most cases you will find what you are looking for with a word or phrase. But there are some tips that you should not miss if you want to get the most out of your searches.

Tip What is the “I’m going to be lucky” button for? It is a direct access to a web page relevant to the word or phrase you are looking for. It is a unique result, that is, it does not open more results, only the first one.

[] brackets: Point out the queries you want.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you put in your search [blue and pink] is just a query, but if you search for [blue] and [pink] they become two independent queries.

There is no difference between uppercase and lowercase. And punctuation marks are ignored.
FOR EXAMPLE: If you are looking for [Mexico City] , you will find the same as if you are looking for [Mexico City]

Make simple consultations. If you are looking for a company, a concept, a place or a specific product, put your name. Use words that you think are more likely to appear on the page you’re looking for. Every word you write is taken into account, so if you add more words the results will be more limited, which can cause you to miss useful information. The more specific the word you are looking for, the greater the likelihood that the results will be relevant.
FOR EXAMPLE: If your stomach hurts, it is easier and faster to find desired results if you put: [stomach ache] two words that you will surely find on the page you are looking for, if you write as it is: [my stomach hurts] .

Advanced search
The Advanced Search in Google responds to very specific criteria. You can find websites by selecting search options that you perform at that moment. This search clears information, since, according to your search, the desired characteristics are specified.

And, how do I do an advanced Google search?
Very simple, I’ll give you some tips to make your searches more specific.

Search for phrases and words.
Use quotes (“”) to search for words or phrases: If you write a phrase in quotation marks, Google takes those specific words into account in that same order. In the case of words, Google uses synonyms automatically, which makes it find websites that include terms related to the search.
FOR EXAMPLE: If you want to find a specific article, with a phrase or its title, you will find it quickly, “The 10 most common mistakes when creating a web page”, or similarly look for a definition or pages related to words like “Marketing “” Digital. ”

Search on a specific website.
Use (site 🙂 to find something on a specific website: With this advanced search command, Google allows you to display search results from a website of your choice.
FOR EXAMPLE: If you want to find a topic in a web page, put in the search bar Site:, the website where you want to find information, followed by the concept.