Cfo Email Addresses

Cfo Email Addresses

If you are in sales and are attempting to prospect via the phone, you are doomed to a lifetime of assistants cutting you off at the knees, or an empty voicemail machine which may or may not be the real VM of the decision maker. Even if you do get a direct voicemail (one that the C-level executive does listen to) as soon as he knows you are selling a product he will most likely delete the voicemail immediately and completely forget about you.  cfo email addresses The scenario is completely different with email. The decision maker, whether or not the email gets junked, will have to glance at the subject line. However, whether the target prospect actually opens the particular email is contingent on a few factors. Below, I’ve gathered some tips as to how to increase your odds of getting through to prospects via cold-emailing.

Before prospecting a particular company, make sure you do some research on what the firm does and what responsibilities each person in the firm likely has. You do not want to send a prospecting email to a CFO if you are selling human resource software. Additionally, if you don’t know what the company whom your emailing does, that is going to come through in your message and could ruin a great opportunity.Getting the decision makers email

Getting the decision makers email address (for small to mid-size companies) is quite easy. Though, I suggest that you not go after the CEO of a large business because they typically will have internal email addresses which are not given out to the public nor are they predictable. The first step is to go online and find out the names of some of the high level executives. Getting these is nearly 75% of the battle. Due to the fact most companies have a single format for all email addresses such as  Most of the time, you can call the secretary, get her or his email and now you’re able to get in touch with whomever you desire. Large companies will typically have a separate inbox which is hard to get your hands on, though this is not the story most of the time.cfo email addresses

The majority of the time, higher-ups in the organization will not read the body of your email. Personally, my preference, is something like – “If your company is looking for U.S. based Exchange Hosting…” To get a grasp on the best way to word the subject of your email, look at different sales representatives who prospect you via email. So you’re able to perfect this prospecting art, take a combination of the subjects that you find catchy and use them to your advantage. Additionally, make sure to take into account the sales emails which you receive on a daily basis that you immediately ignore their respective message.

Remember, it is going to take time to have these emails work. However, if you stick at it (around once a month) and use a CRM system to your advantage, breaking into these companies is a whole lot easier. Though, make sure not to be annoying. Too many prospecting emails will have the opposite effect.