Definition of Big Data and Importance for Mexican Companies

Definition of Big Data and Importance for Mexican Companies

A new concept in information technologies (IT) has been working for some time, something called “the third platform”. In reality, even though it sounds very ostentatious, this new term only refers to a more advanced level of information technology. information, taking into account four technological aspects that have recently had a great growth: mobility, social Automotive Mailing List networks, cloud computing and Big Data
This time we will talk about Big Data; but first we must know what it is, because the big data as its name indicates is data in large volume, but not all data can be considered big data, these data have to comply with a precept spread by IBM: The four V

Volume: It has to be a large amount of data, this is easy to fulfill since worldwide the level of data that has been generated is constantly increasing due to the rise of web 2.0.
Speed: This data has to be generated at high speeds and it must be possible to access them with a high response speed.
Variety: There has to be a great variety of data: structured, unstructured, multimedia, geolocation, etc.
Truthfulness: That the data collected be reliable.
So, to define what Big Data is, we will say that they are huge amounts of information of all kinds generated at a high speed in a reliable way, this whole wave of data comes from the users of any service that has our personal information, such as the social networks, fixed telephone companies, mobile, government institutions, cable or internet providers, among others. This is how big data represents a great opportunity for all organizations because analyzing all this information, an enormous possibility of generating better communication with customers, tailored to each one’s taste, would be exploited.

Now that we have defined and we have an idea of ​​what big data is about, we can say that, yes, until a few years ago all this was a myth, because due to the regulations of government laws and the deficiency in the correct handling for large Quantities of data, analysis and use of big data to obtain mass information of people was impossible. But as always, time changes everything and as technology develops, new ways of using it are also obtained. Little by little, big data becomes a reality and companies begin to use this medium to get to know the trends and tastes of people in real time, in fact there are several softwares to analyze and measure big data among these the best known are: Hadoop and Pentaho (both free software) as well as Netezza, Vertica, DataFlux and Geenplum.

With the use of these tools a great step is taken, making big data is already a reality within the reach of organizations, however when we speak of large amounts of information may not all be of value to the company, even if it is From data to detail you should identify those that are useful for the company’s objectives, among the most useful benefits of big data analysis are:

The retention and loyalty of current customers , we can determine causes and factors that make customers return and find satisfaction with our product or service.
Greater relationship with customers and suppliers , big data not only tells who the current customers are, but also who they want, where they are, how and when they wish to be contacted, as well as taking this information to our suppliers.

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Design and optimization of the entire marketing mix, you can measure the scope and benefit generated in each type of channel and you could distribute the optimal spending in each of them.
The main peculiarity of big data and its analysis is that you can create predictive models and thus be able to remember patterns of behavior of people in order to offer a product before it is necessary or even at the exact time that is required, not Although the prediction in this aspect is not yet fully perfected, this has been demonstrated with Google Flu Trends (GFT), this is a Google service dedicated to capture and project data on the seasonality of the common flu and influenza around the world using big data, however as time goes by the projections of GFT have become increasingly incorrect due to an overestimation in the rates of the disease by this service, this reflects that the handling of big data for the projection has not yet It is feasible.

It is a bit difficult to believe that all our information is available to anyone who can analyze it, however it is a reality, today organizations that correctly handle big data, can use it as a complement for data collection and traditional analysis, achieving greater optimization of your campaigns and obtaining an overview of what your customers need at the right time.

How to stimulate your creativity? 12 Keys to achieve it

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein.
The creativity is when you see what others do not see, your ability to create new things that are very valuable. It is the way in which the brain works to fulfill its purposes in an original way, combining capacities, motivations, attitudes and knowledge.

I have listened to several people who say that they are not creative, or that only designers and marketers “have the right to be creative”, but I  Professors EDU Email Addresses have something to tell you … We all have creativity! It’s just a matter of waking her up, getting her out of hiding and putting it into practice. Creativity is like a muscle, so you have to train it.

True creativity requires spontaneity, practice, but above all … INSPIRATION.

Therefore, with this I want to help you develop your creative capacity. Are you ready?

You have to develop your observation capacity.
With this technological world in which we live, we miss many things by being glued to the cell phone, tablet or computer. To observe is to detect everything that surrounds us, to awaken your senses and find inspiration through them. Observe, stimulate your creativity as it awakens your mind.

After observing … Investigate.
Ursula K. Le Guin once said: “A creative adult is a child who has survived”, but, why? … Well, very easy. When you are a child you have curiosity that wakes up all the time, you want to know everything that surrounds you, you have, without doubt, that ability to create. When you become an adult, that curiosity is still there and it is the same that encourages you to investigate, to know more about everything that interests you and to deepen knowledge. Investigating provokes your creativity and alters your desire to create something new.

Do not be afraid to imitate someone or something.
If you like something or get your attention, it’s hard not to focus on it. Imitate it will not make you a bad person, since everything comes from something else. However, it does not mean that you make it identical, simply, you give yourself an idea and then you generate yours. With this, you add an added value to the original idea and you can even improve it.

Get away from the routine (or at least make it more interesting).
If you want different results, do not do the same. A. Einstein

Sometimes we are so focused on our daily tasks that the routine, little by little begins to take hold of us. Every day we start doing the same thing as the day before, we are in “automatic mode”. Well, if you want to awaken your creativity, dare! leave your comfort zone aside and change your way of thinking, your way of seeing things and make your habits become (even a little) more interesting. Start solving challenges in a creative way, with originality and you will see how everything starts to flow. If you keep doing the same you will not get better results, I guarantee it.

If you want inspiration to come to you, you have to find yourself working. And this I did not say, Picasso said.

You have to follow the rules, but only the necessary ones.
Creativity, like many other things, requires a process, which, if we want it to go well, we have to carry out following some rules. Actually I will not tell you what those rules are, because I do not know them, but what I want to explain to you with this point is that you have to create a balance between what you can and can not do when you get creative. However, we must remember that “everything in excess is bad” and then there is no exception here. Exaggerating the use of rules can inhibit and spoil the creative process.

Surround yourself with people who know more than you.
I know that, when we are with a group of people, we seek to stand out, but, we must be aware that there will always be more ready and more talented people than you, and with them you must join.

Surround yourself with people you admire and learn from them. Share ways of thinking and above all, listen to them. The best ideas arise with teamwork. Leave jealousy aside, really, listen to what others think of your idea will be very valuable. A good critique will make you grow.

A group of people will become more creative if they are motivated. Do not make judgments or bad thoughts towards the ideas of other people.

With this technological era it is easier to follow your idols. Use your social networks and connect with them.

Do not think like the others.
Society and education make us think in a certain way, in the (perhaps) correct way. But our mind is so big that when we close it and focus on what others say and think, we are limiting it. Do not do it! Open your mind and look at the world with different eyes, this will help you to awaken creative ideas.

If you want different results, do not do the same. A. Einstein

Not everything is in the mind.
Yes, we know that creativity can follow a mental process, but it needs the help of all your senses, therefore, use your body!

Society and education make us think in a certain way, in the (perhaps) correct way. But our mind is so big that when we close it and focus on what others say and think, we are limiting it. Do not do it! Open your mind and look at the world with different eyes, this will help you to awaken creative ideas.

If you want different results, do not do the same. A. Einstein

Not everything is in the mind.
Yes, we know that creativity can follow a mental process, but it needs the help of all your senses, therefore, use your body!

Why do you think children have “more creativity” than you? … Good question, right? Well, when we are children, we venture, we want to know everything (as I had mentioned in a previous point) and discover what happens if we touch this or that or if, maybe, we try it, and that is the key. To speed up our creativity we have to be a child again. Use colors, markers, draw !, use scissors and glue, have fun !, use plasticine, it is a material that can awaken your creativity, get out! And, maybe this point may be the most fun of the whole list just for that.

A good idea to get that creative in the office is to have two desks, one where you have the computer and those things and another where you have sheets of paper, colors and everything you need to give you a creative break.

Work on what you like.
This point, probably, is one that you have already heard everywhere, but it is very true, since, by working on what you are passionate about, and putting love into what you do, it keeps creativity awake.

I know that sometimes it is not possible that in our work we love everything, but with this point I do not only want to refer to your office work in which you are full time, but also to some hobby or pastime, the joke is to put passion and love in what you do.

Take a shower
This point is one of my favorites because many do not believe me when I tell them that I need to get bored for a while to be creative, and that yes, doing things that bore you (do not bother you) keep your brain rested and with time to find new ideas that do not always come to mind when you’re stressed or thinking about other things.

Do not be afraid of failure.
Creativity has a great capacity to surprise us, and if we do not dare to do things out of fear, creativity will never appear. What you think say, do it, do not be afraid of what they will say. The best ideas come from nothing.

Take a break and have fun. Take a break and play a video game or a board game. This will awaken your mind and relax it. Learning new games also helps a lot. Disconnect for a while and discover the skills you have with the games and how they can help you to awaken your creativity.




Online marketing conferences and seminars
The Internet is a sector that is increasingly used by companies and Online Marketing, a discipline that is increasingly interested in these companies. The need to know what optometrist accurate email list is and how you can work marketing actions on the Internet to improve results, is a subject that has a lot of business interest.
How do we do it
We can develop seminars for companies, associations, professional associations, town halls, etc., any group of companies could be interested in offering their members a conference or seminar on a topic of general interest.

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Type of Seminars:
> Online Marketing Strategy
> New SEO approach
> Social Networks
> How to sell more
> Advertising CPC

From blog to personal web and much more

From blog to personal web and much more

In 2019 it will be 10 years since I launched this blog (the result of a sleepless night and many concerns I needed to put in writing), and in all this time I have kept it as an additional activity, but separated from my work. As a tool that helps me a lot in many ways, but in an indirect way.

But finally the logic has been imposed. In the last year my professional activity has multiplied and focused on things that I do directly. That’s why I decided that it was time to evolve the indian email lists.

Before starting I would like to thank Windup Estrategias and Sergio Dengra for their excellent work. This has not been a normal design change, but an evolution from blog to personal web with blog.

From blog to personal web
This evolution has required conceptualizing, defining navigation, calls to action, measurement, content … and then redesigning.

And this has been the result.

The main page is not only the entrance door, it should introduce you and tell a story
Marketing blog of Tristán Elósegui

I did not want a traditional home, but a way to introduce myself and tell a story to those who visited me for the first time or wanted to know what I do.

For this the main page goes from the most global to the most specific. If you scroll down, you’ll see what I mean. Presentation, services, biography, blog and subscription. And all this keeping always visible for the option of contacting me if there is something that you find interesting or if you have any questions or suggestions.

Navigation menu and main call to action always present
Menu navigation blog Tristán Elósegui

It is one of the key pieces, because I needed to make visible many services, contents and great news and we have managed to do it in a very intuitive way.

About me: an updated and summarized version that enhances the positive points and eliminates the accessory.
Conferences: a summary in time line format of the most outstanding conferences of recent years.
Consulting: diagnosis, definition and implementation of marketing strategies.

Marketing Mentoring: one of the great novelties of the new website. It is a program that combines training with mentoring sessions, with the aim that you learn to define a marketing strategy and apply it to your business with my personal guide.

Training: presentation of my credentials as a teacher and of the online courses I offer.
Face-to-face training: main topics on which I teach and a sample of the business schools where I taught.
Online training: this is the second great novelty. I offer you two online courses and a free masterclass.

Become an expert in online marketing: following the methodology of defining a marketing strategy you will learn the most important of the main channels, with a combination of theory and case studies.
Learn to define an audience profile: a five-step guide to defining the most important point of a marketing strategy: your client.

Free Masterclass on marketing strategy: a free class that will allow you to understand the importance of a strategy in achieving the results and where in addition to learning its basics, you can download a free work template to start defining strategies.
Books: presentation of the three books already published. I take this opportunity to tell you that I am writing the fourth.
Blog: and of course access to the blog.
Contact: a form so that we can be in touch at all times.

Advantages of using Instagram for companies and professionals

Advantages of using Instagram for companies and professionals

I registered on Instagram at the beginning, but after a while I unsubscribed. It just did not give me much. Maybe it was a bad focus of mine, but I spent time looking at pictures until I found one that I liked. It really seemed like a waste of time. So I gave up.

Seeing his evolution and success a few months ago, I thought that, as a professional of online marketing, I should be present. So in February of 2018 I went back to register.

How has Instagram evolved since its inception?
In this time I have noticed several important changes. Beyond the evolution of the platform itself, my experience is different.

The positive part is that on a personal level I think it’s a lot more entertaining than a few years ago. Its rise to the detriment of Facebook, has made many people go on to tell the highlights of their day to day in this canadian email lists. So, combining friends, family and close professionals, I have a pretty entertaining timeline.

Professionally, I think it’s an excellent tool to raise awareness of the most important companies and people, with a closer approach.

This, which I understand is the initial focus, seems fantastic to me. At least on the Internet, each time we read less. We have so much to consult, that we just scan one content and move on to the next. For this reason, among others, it seems to me that social networks like Instagram or Pinterest are very interesting.

How real is what happens on Instagram?
But the problem is when you go a little further and start to interpret the data of some profiles, to do some experiment with hashtags, to publish more frequently, etc. Your account starts to grow and you start to see the negative part.

I do not get involved in how real the activities of certain supposed influencers could be, that would be for another article and I think a lot has already been written on the subject.

What I have found is a situation similar to the one that finally caused the Twitter crisis: false followers, bots, swollen accounts with thousands of followers and just a few dozen publications, automatic comments in different languages ​​…

Instagram has noticed and is already making decisions to solve it by eliminating false followers and likes. Hopefully they arrive on time and clean up the network.

The reality is that the followers and real likes, added to all the noise generated by the automated and false, generate a positive image in the social profiles.

We see that volume and we directly think “it has to be someone important!”. But everything that glitters is not gold.

If a considerable percentage of the activity on Instagram is not valid, how can we quantify the real benefits of being present in this network?

Before answering this question, let’s see how to identify how real or influential an Instagram user is.

How to know if an Instagram account is really influential?
How can we know if everything we see happening in an Instagram account is real? When I say real, I mean human followers who follow, make likes and comments in the publications of a profile.

The fastest is to use tools like HypeAuditor, in which they show you a report (they send you the link to your email) with the main data. I have done a test with the profile of Cristiano Ronaldo and it turns out that of the 146.7 mill. of followers that you have, 43.2 million are suspicious accounts or accounts that use follow / unfollow tools (they follow you and when you follow them they stop following you, thus increasing their numbers), that do not see the publications.

And that the audience of Cristiano Ronaldo (according to this tool), has a good health (relationship between real and automated followers). Imagine how those who are in a bad situation should be.

Here you can see the example report.Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram

How can I assess the quality of an Instagram account without tools?But beyond the tools, just having a bit of common sense, you can look at:

Ratio of publications and followers: if you see that with a few dozen publications has a large number of followers, you can start to suspect (unless it is a public figure is not normal). Formula: number of followers / number of publications.
Low or zero Interaction: if you see publications with many likes but no comments.
Balance between followers and followers: if you follow many and there are few (except public figures) or if you follow and many follow you, it is likely that you use automated tools to grow.
Content quality: and of course, nothing is easier than assessing the contents you publish and see if they contribute something, if they are “canned” images (famous phrases), photo gallery images, etc.
Instagram works because it feeds our ego
If this happens, and a majority of users are aware of it, how is it still working? Why is it still appealing to us?

And like Twitter and many other networks, your success is in feeding the ego.

We all like (no matter how many people disguise it), have a lot of followers, many interactions in each publication, etc. We are humans! Everything that somehow flatters us, we feel good. Some people go to their heads, others simply like them and others say they do not care.

Recently they asked me: “As an expert in digital marketing, what do you recommend to me to increase my followers on Instagram?” The first question I asked was: “Why do you want them? What goal do you have? “And the answer was,” I do not know, to have them, because I’d like to have a lot of followers. ”

This person, who is a professional with extensive experience in their area, represents the spirit of what I told you. We are human and that they “adulate” us through followers and likes makes us feel good. The difference with the rest, is that this person was totally sincere and had no problem in expressing what he wanted.

This is an anecdotal case, but it tells us about what happens in many other accounts. Its objective is to attract followers as it is. And when we talk about companies and professionals, that is a problem because this objective ultimately has a negative impact on the results.

The feeling of belonging and the ego are the emotional bases of social networks, the rational ones are the contributions of real value both at the personal level (information, conversation, leisure, etc.), as well as professional (visibility, reputation, web traffic, sales, hiring, etc.).

What are the benefits of using Instagram for companies and professionals?
After all these reflections, what is the use of being on Instagram? If we think about it, we are evaluating our experience based on things that are not entirely real. It is true that in the case of profiles with few followers, this effect is more evident in the profiles they follow, than in their own. But at the end of the day they are taking a wrong picture of things.

But in any case, on a personal level it has a series of positive benefits:

Sense of belonging.
Inspiration for purchases.
Ego, etc.
But what benefits does Instagram have for a brand or a professional?

Visibility: allows us to announce important news.
Proximity: we can do it with a closer and different approach to other networks.
Relationship: this closeness allows us to generate relationships with our audience.
Return of investment (ROI): beyond the traffic that we can generate (from the profile or through advertising campaigns), we must try to measure the impact of our activity in the form of economic return.
Indirect: in the form of brand generation, business opportunities (for professionals) or growth of organic traffic on your website.
Direct: what happens to the traffic that comes from the Instagram profile? And of course, what results are we getting with the advertising campaigns?
Seeing the high percentage of false or automated activity, I believe that the measurement and the concrete analysis of the return on investment, are fundamental to have a real idea of ​​what we are getting. If we look only at the numbers we see on Instagram, we could get the wrong idea.

And to finish the article I open the debate with a question. If this happens to a greater or lesser extent in all social networks, what happens with companies that do not measure their activity in social networks? How deceived can they get to be if they are not measuring correctly? Do you think that more than one would abandon social networks?The photo that accompanies the article (Instagram) is from Shutter Stock.