What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

An Internet Marketing Agency, also called Digital Marketing Agency or Online Marketing Agency, is a company that provides the necessary services to exploit business opportunities on the WEB.
The objective of an Internet Marketing Agency should be to develop creative solutions that adapt to the communication needs Ailment Mailing List of new digital users. Although, as I mentioned before, the new technologies are a strategy to which you should get the most benefit, so we must “professionalize” the Internet. Another objective is to create better solutions, which, traditional media they do not cover due to the great digital revolution caused in recent years.
Nowadays, planning an Offline and Online strategy are totally different things. For this reason we have seen how some agencies have adopted the WEB Strategy as a division of their efforts, but that go hand in hand when it comes to launching users and consumers. Other times, we see how simply the Agency was born with its efforts totally focused on the Internet, and due to the large market that this service covers, they have chosen not to offer the Offline part in their services.
There are agencies focused on only some services such as Social Media, some others attack SEO and SEM, and the most recent, those that use Mobile Technology as their main weapon. Any of them you should choose depending on your goals and strategies. The most advisable thing is that you go to an Integral Agency; These cover a Complete Web Strategy that goes from the development of your site to that of a Mobile App. In short, they cover the majority of Internet Marketing services such as SEO, SEM, Mobile Apps and Marketing, Website Development, e-Commerce, Integral Loyalty and Social Media Strategies among others.

After having decided to have a presence on the internet, a business is faced with another interesting decision since now the internet has become a multiplatform tool, so that not only can a website be accessed through a computer, but also now there is mobile browsing through tablets and smartphones, this provides different navigation experiences since the characteristics of each of these three access routes are very different. Now all the tablets and most of the phones use touchscreen technology, this rules out the use of cursors, due to this the web design of the landing pagesthey must have a wider aesthetic so that the use of the hands does not hinder the visibility of the content. Focusing on mobile devices there are two trends that facilitate the correct interaction of the pages with the user: responsive design and mobile applications.

Both made for the purpose of being used in mobile devices, plus, each one has different specific objectives:

The responsive design is intended for users of mobile devices that come into contact with us through search engines or direct traffic to obtain our URL from another site, the responsive design seeks to improve the first impression of a potential client when entering our website , which is why this first contact has to be attractive as well as facilitating a simple interaction between the user and the page.

The mobile applications on the other hand, besides being specially designed for mobile devices are used primarily for people who are already familiar with the organization ie have already contacted us or given case purchased a product or service and looking to be the pending of the activities of the organization in addition to looking for special offers and information before anyone, for these cases the applications serve as loyalty method, since by means of push messages (notifications) they warn the user about updates, offers, or new information that should review, all this without even the application is running.

Now that we have reviewed the objective of the two, we can decide, well the use of any of them depends on the objectives that the organization has, whether it wants to increase its customers or increase the volume and frequency of its sales, depending on the needs at the moment should be taken into account if you opt for responsive web design or a mobile application .

Taking into account that in several of the organizations and companies does not have a team of programmers at hand, the development of a mobile application can be tedious or impossible if you do not have the necessary knowledge on how to do it, however again technology is the order of the day, because there are already several tools to create a simple application, with the necessary features for any organization or business, an example of this is Upplication, this service develops applications in an accessible and tailored way of any requirement, this in particular is the most useful since, in addition, when creating a mobile application , simultaneously a responsive website is created which can be viewed from any mobile device.

While on the other hand the design of a responsive web page can pose challenges, since all the appropriate website has to be designed for each mobile device, providing the essential information that the page has in its original version, the important thing is these cases is to synthesize the information.

And what happens if my website is not responsive, but I want to make a mobile version? The idea of ​​designing the site from scratch again is very expensive as well as taking a lot of time, but also for these cases sites have been created that offer help to develop mobile versions of entire sites in a very simple way, some of them for free like DudaMovile, Google had a similar page for free, called Full Value of Mobile by Google, however now it has become an electronic commerce measurement tool, which once advanced in the subject will help us calculate the ROI online.

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With respect to this initial difference, the ideal solution, whatever the case may be, is to use both the responsive web design and the mobile application, because although superficially both appear similar, they are actually aimed at different aspects of communication with customers and the public. in general.

In these moments in which the technological use and mobility increase day by day, it is necessary to use both applications and responsive design, it seems exaggerated but the more versatile our channels of communication with customers, the greater our conversion of a simple visitor to our site to a loyal customer.

Security and privacy on the Internet: Some precautions.

Security and privacy on the Internet: Some precautions.

Everything that exists on the Internet and is digitized is available to everyone, is what in principle makes the web an innovative means of communication, everything is public for all, only limited by the consent of the person who shares it. However, while traditional Advertising Agency Mailing List commerce moved towards an e-commerce model, security was and still is an issue that is worth talking about, obviously no one likes to expose their card number, phone number, address and another handful of data that we affect in real life. When what we do on the Internet has an impact on our daily lives, it is necessary to take measures that guarantee the security of our personal data and maintain our privacy.

While it is the responsibility of web service providers, protect our bank accounts, email and other, cyber attacks that may be against these What can we do as users to maintain our privacy and avoid spam or even a hack?

Well, although the web has a number of sites that collect information from us, what we as users can do to keep our privacy safe consists of simple habits that many times nobody follows:

Publish personal data: Usually in social networks we raise our whole life and this has nothing wrong, however it is preferable to keep data such as: phone number, address and email, only visible to those people who are really trusted.
Add unknown contacts: The days when you added friends and emails by the bunch are already in the past, it is preferable to maintain contact only with those people you actually know and thus avoid unwanted messages that will only make you nervous.
Linking or synchronizing accounts: Many times we keep all the accounts we have on the web interconnected using the same email or even synchronize our different mobile devices with the cloud, this although useful in some cases, may result in the same person that sent us a chain by twitter send us again by email or facebook, can even open the door to a hack or identity theft, in which our privacy is exposed.
Passwords : Yes, it is very common that we do not change our passwords or password words that would be very easy for someone to discover, so we recommend using broader passwords with numeric characters, as well as upper and lower case letters and of course, a character Special will add more difficulty for hackers, if you want to know how safe your current password is you can also do a test on this site .
These are some precautions that we must take into account, if we do not want to see our privacy invaded. As users of services and consumers, the personal data we provide to private companies and services are covered in Mexico by the federal consumer protection law as well as the federal law of protection of personal data held by individuals (LFPDPPP) these two in Together they regulate that the entities do not divulge the data that we entrust to them when acquiring some product or service, more, as we well know it is not enough to leave everything in the hands of the companies and we also have to do our part to have our privacy assured.

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First of all, it can be said that the responsibility for privacy on the web is divided into two parts;

The users , who voluntarily decide to share private information sometimes without thinking or even knowing it.

The companies , institutions and different bodies responsible for safeguarding this information.

In all the sites in which we enter our data it is good to take a few minutes to review their privacy policies, as it is established by law that the personal information of any user should not be disclosed unless the latter authorizes it by express, do not trust of the little letters and neither do you piques accept anything.

Why invest in Digital Marketing for my Company in Mexico

I recently had the opportunity to give a lecture at the Tec de Monterrey in San Luis Potosí . They invited me to discuss the issue of why Mexican companies should invest in Digital Marketing. In it I tried to give attendees reasons why companies should allocate budget for advertising on the Internet . At the end, one of them being approached me and told me to give him one reason to use the web as a means to attract customers to his business. It is very difficult to give a single reason when there is a lot to show off but I answered the following;

“Your client is changing the way Physical Therapist Email List they receive information, the companies that know how to adapt to change are those that are successful in sales and in satisfaction to their consumer. Only in San Luis Potosí we are more than 700 thousand Internet users, I bet we are looking for you in Google ”

As I said before, there’s a lot to brag about. A few months ago, IAB Mexico * launched the results of Internet Advertising Investment in Mexico during 2013-2014. In Mexico, Digital Marketing continues to grow and is increasingly accepted by small and medium-sized companies.
According to the results, during this last year $ 8,355 million pesos were invested in digital advertising, with search engines such as Google and the Display Network the most used media. Investment in Online Marketing grows approximately between 31% and 39% from 2009 to date in Mexico, while that of other media such as television, radio and print is growing is declining.

If you’re wondering why, let’s put it in figures; just over 59 million Mexicans use the internet, which represents 52% penetration. Television took decades to achieve these figures. The Internet did it in 4 years in Mexico. Companies are realizing that power and audiences are leaning towards the digital sector.
For example, Mexicans have an average of 1.5 televisions in their home, while between mobile devices and computers with Internet access, we add 2.4 on average per person with access to this service. On average 1.9 hours of television are watched daily while we last more than 4 connected to the web. In short, the Internet is the advertising medium that grows most in Mexico.

A few days ago, I read a column that mentioned that the Internet should already be in the basic basket of the Mexican. Let’s analyze a moment, not only the companies and products have changed due to this service, it has also changed the way we receive and consume information, the way we learn and study and in which we apply our knowledge to solve any problem in our lives everyday Now it is a basic service such as water, light, etc.

Digitalization in Mexico is here to stay and represents an attractive business opportunity for any type of company. Paradigms have been broken and advertising for large audiences is no longer exclusive to major brands. If you are a business owner, it is essential that when allocating advertising budget, you allocate a part to invest in digital media.
Have you noticed that your competition is better positioned in Google ?, Has advertising got them to your Facebook? Is your website better designed and optimized for smartphones?
Well it’s no coincidence, they are already adapting to the changes that digitalization demands.

10 advantages of electronic commerce

E-commerce is a tool that will help you in the development of your business and boost your opportunities in the market.
According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), electronic commerce is the process of buying, selling or exchanging goods, services and information through communication networks.
If you still do not Lawyer Email  like that definition of electronic commerce Do not worry! We are just about to start, we share 10 advantages.

1.- Decrease in costs.

Having an optimized website for e-commerce can reduce costs, if you only have an online store you forget about service expenses such as electricity, water, and so on. By decreasing costs, you can invest in improving your product since you will be free of this fixed expense. Also, when reducing costs, one can consider competing for price in the market.

2.- Empathy

Currently the consumer has evolved, think how they put themselves in their place. Imagine that you want to buy a product but you leave work very late and with thousands of earrings. Would not you like to buy from the comfort of your home? If you practice the electronic commerce you will be empathetic with your clients.

3.- Availability 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Your customers can see your products or information about the service at any time and order your order if they wish, without having to spend all day on the computer. You can take part of the day to review your orders and that’s it.

4.- You can sell on holidays

Usually businesses close on holidays or have to give employees rest day because the law dictates, however with electronic commerce this is not an impediment to make a sale.

5.- Excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs

If you think that to start your business but your obstacle is to think that you must have a well-armed premises, electronic commerce will solve your problem. You can start your business when you want it.

6.- Sales increase

Having your product at higher availability will give you more security and probability of increasing your sales since you do not limit yourself to selling in a specific geographical area, you can sell anywhere in your country or outside of it.


7.- Improve your image

Being a business and company that makes use of new technologies for the benefit of its customers means improving your image before users. You project and you are a company that innovates and cares about the current needs of customers.

8.- Increase your competitive advantage

Being a company that is up to date with the use of new technologies to expand its development, you increase your competitive advantage, you add value to your company and therefore your clients will see you as a sector leader because you are behaving as such.

9.- Inspire fear of your competition

Being a company with electronic commerce will be more available to your customers, so the competition will be intimated with the changes you make in the administration and operation of your business. Do not forget that if you do not decide to change someone else will do it for you for your benefit.

10.- You do not require a large investment

If with the previous benefits that you saw, you think it will be very expensive or the investment is too much, do not worry, it’s not like that. At Quantum Marketing we have an e-commerce service developed specifically for your company and your investment capacity.

What did you think of the advantages? Do not hesitate to apply e-commerce as soon as possible. Thank you very much for reading and see you soon. Hugs!

10 reasons to sell online in Mexico – Ecommerce

10 reasons to sell online in Mexico – Ecommerce

10 reasons to sell online in Mexico – Ecommerce
How to Sell on the Internet?
There is much talk about selling online, the figures do not lie because the growth of this sector on the Internet promises a lot for the coming years, however for one reason or another there are still people who do not decide to venture into the shopping market online. If you or your company are engaged in the sale of items or services we give you 5 reasons to decide at Hospital Contact List  once, start to organize your site and sell online.

1. It’s easier if you do it from the start
The ways and ways of doing business have changed there are online stores that do not necessarily have physical establishments, if you want to put a store online the easiest thing is to plan all the business and its environment to sell from the beginning on the Internet, it is a little more complicated to adapt the logistics of a physical business to an online environment.

2. Variety of platforms
Currently, if you simply want to sell on the Internet, there are several free tools that will make your life easier when you want to make a store, which we recommend are: Magento, Prestashop and Woocommerce, they are intuitive and easy to customize tools, these will allow you to count from a simple store with few products to one with thousands, they are very scalable and have many functions.

3. Ease to keep inventory control
Undoubtedly, selling on the Internet gives the advantage that sales reports can be immediately generated through the various sales platforms, as well as statistics on what sells the most and clear databases of customers who have contacted or reached your destination. store.

4. Complete Information – Measuring is the Key
It is usual that in a physical store someone goes by, buys something and never in life do you see it again, well through the online stores you can have a record of all the people who have bought with which you can locate clients that no longer They have returned and put you in contact with them to be able to generate a second contact.

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5. Everywhere 24 hours
Regardless of where you are, it is possible that someone from the other side of the world can visit your site, check products and place orders, you decide where to send or not send your products. It takes advantage of the millions of users that the Internet has and increases the possibilities of growth.

6. Reduce costs
An online store is much cheaper, since you avoid paying the rent of a local and what this includes, such as electricity, water, etc. and even salaries. In addition, Internet advertising is much cheaper and more effective than conventional advertising.

7. Increase loyalty with your customers
There are many companies that do not have an online presence yet. With this opportunity you can get your customers to know your products and have the option to buy them instantly and without leaving home or office, facilitating the purchase process and improving the user’s Internet experience.

8. Increase customer satisfaction
Compared to common stores, an online store or e-commerce focuses more on customer service and monitoring, since the product takes some time to reach its final destination. They usually have chat for questions and advice and guarantees of total satisfaction. And, as elsewhere, when a customer is satisfied with your product and your purchase, it is safest to return to the site to buy more things and even recommend it.

9. Security
Currently distrust is one of the main reasons why many users do not purchase products online because they do not know the purchase process, the product and the payment platforms, however, nowadays, any payment platform has the seal of confidence of AMIPCI, which protects the data of the users and yours. This motivates the Internet user to make online purchases safely, easily and quickly.

10. Easy deliveries
Many think that when a purchase is made online, the product may arrive damaged or not arrive on time, however, more and more logistics companies are offering immediate delivery services with quality. Another benefit of online stores is that you can use an order tracking, where your customers track the shipment of your product, and your confidence increases.

These are just 10 reasons to have an online store, do not wait any longer and start earning money through the Internet. What do you think? If you are not very sure you can also review these 10 advantages that e-commerce has. and if you want we can advise you to create your own Online Store

If you have any other reason, leave us your comment or contact us

One of the main challenges when considering investing in advertising on the Internet, more specifically in Google, is undoubtedly understanding how the ads will be displayed and the relationship they have with the search terms. If you are just beginning to familiarize yourself with online advertising concepts, we can start at the beginning and give a small reminder with some frequently asked questions about how AdWords is structured and works:

What is Google Adwords?

It is an online advertising system, specifically for advertisements through the different associated websites and services that Google has (Gmail, YouTube and websites with Google AdSense)

Where do my ads appear?

They can appear on google’s results pages (SERP), on sites with AdSense implementation and on YouTube.

In what format can an ad be displayed?

This depends on the type of campaign, but may be the following:

A simple text in the results of a search
An image on a website that has Google AdSense integrated
A video through websites that allow it or on YouTube
If I pay more, will my ad appear more times?

This model is the one that traditional advertising manages in mass media, however AdWords works in a different way because it puts the user experience first instead of economic interests, for which the direct response would be a NO.

Now that we remember a bit of what is going on, let’s begin to explain more thoroughly this last part that undoubtedly everyone is interested, if money is not the main factor to show an ad, how is this system then?
The aspects taken into account are focused on the satisfaction of the user, that is, that are closest to what the Internet user is looking for, think of a hypothetical example: You are searching the Internet for a piece of designer clothing , not only that it is a craft, that is, made by hand, but also that, the design has been thought by a specialist, it would be very bad that just because some advertiser had greater economic capacity to hire advertising, only ads would appear of this or another advertiser with greater purchasing power. Due to this, AdWords makes big brands compete with other bidders to display a wide variety of ads as close to what Internet users are really looking for.

What is taken into account for my ad to appear and determine its place with respect to others?

Ad quality: This is literally what the text, video or image says, it is considered that both coincide with what the user is looking for, as well as in case that ads have been previously made, the rate at which The Internet user stays at the site to which he directs the ad, this part can be well managed by a Google AdWords specialist who knows how to assemble and coordinate a campaign.

Quality of the site to which the ad is directed: This means that the operation of the website also influences the position of advertising, speed, mobile-adapted design and other technical aspects can be solved or corrected by an experienced programmer.

Assigned search terms: The words the user uses to search also influence whether the advertisement appears or not, the ads do not necessarily have to have the exact words but it is considered that they are so related and congruent with the original search.

Real Time Bidding: Real-time auction is your translation and works by bringing together all the advertisers who want your ad to appear when someone enters a certain search term. They start competing with each other to see which ad or ads will be the ones that will appear and in what order they will be, all based on the combination of the above factors and the minimum amount assigned to their ads, in this part is where take into account the budget. It is worth mentioning that real time bidding is not a single process but rather happens every time a user searches for information.

Well, now you know how AdWords works and what you have to improve. This will serve to be able to appear in the first places of publicity and step to obtain a better performance.



At the end of January, at Mediaclick, we talked to you about ” How to track conversion in Facebook ads? “And, now, we would like to focus on another of the tools offered by Social Networks to reach more people. Therefore, we want to share with Marketing List of Plumbers you how to launch an ad campaign on Twitter ads .

Of all existing social networks, Twitter is a very powerful tool to reach all those people likely to want to hire a product or service. It allows a very direct communication and is a very powerful platform for customer service. In fact, there are already many companies that deal with and solve customer problems through Twitter . And customers appreciate it. With Twitter the communication between company and client we could say that it has become a H2H (Human to Human) , leaving aside B2C or B2B.

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But also, since the arrival of Twitter ads to the Spanish market for SMEs, the possibilities of communicating have multiplied and without the need to invest a large amount of money. Now, small or medium companies that do not have big budgets can also reach their target audience in a very direct and, practically, natural way within Twitter . This ad platform is barely a year old and all the indicators point to the fact that the clickthrough rates and the reach of the promoted tweets is greater than the one offered by the almighty Facebook’s ad platform .

Here we will explain clearly and easily how to launch an ad campaign in Twitter ads :

1. To access the Twitter platform ads what you have to do is enter our Twitter profile (or the profile of the client if we are an agency). Once we are inside, we must click on the “Profile and configuration” options, which is where the logo appears. Once we click, the menu will be displayed and the Twitter ads option will appear, as shown in the image. We just have to click and a new tab will open in the browser.

2. When we have accessed the ads platform of Twiter ads , the most advisable before creating a new campaign is to insert the payment information with the credit card, and we will have it done forever. In case of changing the card it is as easy as accessing, modifying the data and saving again. We can even eliminate the card.

3. Another important aspect to configure is to establish the country and the time zone . Yes! It is important and can only be done once, so we will have to look at this point.

4. Now, let’s create the campaign in Twitter ads . If we are on the main page of the platform we will see that there is a large blue button on the top right. If we click on it, a menu will be displayed that will indicate what kind of campaign we want to launch.This is the most important moment. What type of campaign in Twitter ads should we choose? Depending on our objectives we must choose between one and the other. We have to stop for a moment and think carefully about what we want to achieve.

5. Going into more detail, the campaign must be given a descriptive name. This will help us if we are working with a large number of active campaigns.

6. Segmentation. Another of the basic aspects if we want to make an effective Twitter Ads campaign . The platform is very advanced and allows us to segment by several criteria:

Devices and platforms (operating systems)
Mobile operators
Additional targeting criteria: keywords, followers, interests, personalized audience and television segmentation
7. Finally, the budget will have to be defined.

And ready! We will have our Twitter ads campaign running