The evolution of Digital Marketing and internet

The evolution of Digital Marketing and internet

The evolution of Digital Marketing and internet
The evolution of the internet, new media and advertising formats
The evolution of technology and the new rules of the game
Although we do not want to, we are always connected to technology and we are protagonists of everything telling the world what we feel, in these Agricultural Mailing List years the internet has changed our way of thinking and seeing things only knowing that every 60 seconds more than 100 accounts are created , we can not hide with social networks. This leads us to have more social relationships with people we never imagined having.

Internet, media, users and advertising
Did you know that we spend more than 14 hours a day on the internet?

Internet users are people 14 to 44 years old who use this network a lot and make constant purchases on the internet. This is produced because the ways of connecting with other people are now easier, the consumption habits are adapted to our habits of life, this It allows us to do more than one thing at a time around the whole day, more often at night since that is when people have more free time.

Internet is the medium that grows the most with advertising since it is now more adapted to mobile applications and smartphones.

What contents are shared on the internet?
In recent years the content on the Internet has been multiplied by 9, it is estimated that in two years consumption will increase more with more viewed videos and in a shorter time. facebook is the most important or most popular network at the moment.

to purchase by mobile is very high almost 50% of people use it at the time of making purchases, as it facilitates access to stores or products.

Electronic commerce
More than 50% of SMEs increased their consumption thanks to online sales.

social and corporate shopping experiences are created by converting the likes into purchases. 14% of turnover in Spain is like that, Spain is a leader in shopping and 27 of every 100 citizens buy online, but what stands out are the apps that are A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

Marketing through time has had to be more specific, more complex and faster, so it always has to look for new opportunities for action.

Erroneously you have the idea that to carry out an advertising campaign, you should only go to a marketer, when, it is necessary to work together with designers and comunicólogos; in order to achieve a creative idea, valuable enough to achieve the necessary impact.

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find attractive ideas that manage to attract the attention of the consumer and at the same time get low costs, for this reason, guerrilla marketing arises.

Guerrilla marketing are creative actions that have low budget, radically based on consumer behavior and how you think, in order to stimulate the purchase of a product or service and achieve a positive positioning of the brand in the mind of the market .

It all started, with the graffiti technique, but nowadays it goes further, it is a strategy accompanied by a whole image of the product, ranging from advertisements to the internet, the important thing in this scheme is the creativity of the text and the visual complement . They can be used from very large spaces like the wall of a building to a small space like a tire in a truck.

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In our country it is not impossible to do it, it becomes somewhat complicated due to the procedures and permits to be carried out, since public spaces are used and the strategy must be carefully justified and the duration is usually for short periods. The advantage is that in this issue participation is almost null because it is a very new topic and that is not yet done so openly.

The interesting thing is to make the product stand out, to know the psychology of the consumer , through creativity in its maximum expression, since it is so different that it makes people turn to see it without any exception, when it comes to the internet it is so striking and different from any mail, where you can find icons or 3D images or interactive frames.

It is when you use a group of people either live or by cell phone or online to share an idea, the advantage of this technique is that many of the participants are volunteers.

With all the above information, it can be said that guerrilla marketing can be achieved at any time and place, only creativity is needed at its maximum expression.

The new digital trends for your company in the next 5 years

The new digital trends for your company in the next 5 years

It is impossible for the world to stop creating new and innovative things that are increasingly adapted to the needs of the market Journalist Email List and the environment in which we find ourselves. The day to day changes is why it is of utmost importance to know the new creations to facilitate our activities or tasks.

Top 7 trends that you can use in the future for your company:

1.-Bespoke e-commerce: The most customized custom electronic commerce, from suits, clothes and accessories distinguish them personally from a laptop or business software.

2. Smart Bracelet : Smart bracelets that inform you of incoming calls to models that show a virtual screen in your hand and have all the functions of a smartphone.

3.-Social Exclusivity: Users of social networks want more and more privacy of their content. The new trend is the instantaneous use and to clean it automatically after being seen.

4.-The future is streaming: There is more and more consumption of audiovisual content, images and gifs in streaming, but increasingly faster is more accessible to everyone.

5.- Digital wallets: 48% of the users of smartphones prefer to use the telephone and mobile means to make their payments. 80% believe that the telephone will be the almost unique form of means of payment for 2020, something that is becoming more common every day.


6.- Privacy formats: People are increasingly worried about saving their personal data. Forms of payment and exchange of information that do not affect the privacy of users will be imposed.

7.-Mental control: Communication with the thought and control of devices through the mind is a trend increasingly closer to the technological reality in which we live.

These digital trends in the near future will be tools that will facilitate the tasks in your company and will be available to all thanks to the constant technological innovation. It is important to keep informed of the new trends of business use to make the most of them and simplify work activities.

The 7 Best Ecommerce Trends

The 7 Best Ecommerce Trends
Thanks to technological evolution, Ecommerce has become one of the main forms of purchase worldwide. 2017 has brought many changes to technology, and Ecommerce is no exception, so here we show you the 7 trends that have marked online shopping and will continue to do so for the rest of the year.
1. mCommerce in China:
China is among the first countries to adopt these new trends. In a recent PwC “Total Retail” report, 65% of the population buys online through a mobile phone, at least once a month.

In addition, statistics say that Chiropractor Email Address  mobile commerce will grow faster than on the computer. According to a Paypal report, online purchases through the cell phone now account for 20% of total purchases on the Internet, when just five years ago, it did not reach one percent.
2. The Beacons
Beacons are small devices installed in commercial establishments that, thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, will record user behavior data and connect with nearby devices that have a Beacon application installed and have their Bluetooth turned on.

With these devices, companies can send messages and offers to consumers who are nearby, based on previous experiences of the client.
3. Shipping by Drones
Amazon is one of the first companies to use drones to ship in the United Kingdom. Your Premium customers enjoy the Prime Now one hour delivery service.

It is expected that soon the company will deliver its orders in a period of 30 minutes with a weight of less than 2.5 kg. For this, the client must have a mat in his garden with the Amazon logo, so that the drone can know where to go.
4. Geolocation
Using the customer’s actual location, brands or companies can send personalized advertising. The announcements will be based on data collected in real time and that will give an experience to a specific audience.

A clear example would be the Snapchat application, where thanks to their location filters, companies can advertise. To achieve this, the company must send the exact geographical data to the social network, indicating where the filters should appear.

5. Virtual Reality
Very soon it will be possible to buy in stores through Virtual Reality. An example is the Alibaba store, which after announcing in July that it would launch a store based on this technology, has announced that a form of payment with VR is being developed, where the customer will only have to move his head to buy an item, while they are attended by robotic assistants. It is expected that this technology will be implemented by the end of 2017.

According to studies, two out of three consumers would be willing to include virtual reality in their shopping experience.
6. Augmented Reality
Your shopping experience will acquire another meaning. Thanks to this technology you will be able to virtually test that car you have always wanted to buy, or know how that dining room would be in your home. Still it is trying to lower the price of these Hardware, since the main barrier of this technology is its high price.

This form of purchase will improve the user experience, because even if you can not touch the product, you can know it and know if it suits your needs, in addition to facilitating online purchases.
7. Security
One of the main obstacles in the Ecommerce is the distrust among the consumers, since they feel insecure in sharing their personal data. The solution for this is the creation of secure environments, such as Paypal, which is a payment platform that has become very popular on the Internet.

This type of platform is the best option so that consumers do not have to reveal their information to the final company.

Youtube, The second largest search engine in the world

2008 was the date on which Youtube (much less created a search engine) surpassed Yahoo’s search, globally, becoming the second search engine with the most users .
Approximately 32% of searches in the United States are made through YouTube, a percentage that increases to 62% in the section of users between Psychiatrist Email Addresses 12 and 17 years. Founded by three former Paypal employees in 2005, it was purchased by Google in 2006, for a price of 1.65 billion euros

YouTube in numbers
As we have seen, YouTube is often discriminated against as a search engine; since it does not stop being a vertical search engine oriented towards the reproduction of videos.

However today we can say that in addition to being an excellent source of traffic, the contents on YouTube have 3 notably highlighted advantages:

Improves user experience.
Improve the penetration of brands (Branding).
Help boost the Global SEO of the page in Google.
Increasing more CTR through rich results
Increasing the conversion
Generating natural links
To finish fully understanding the power of YouTube as a search engine for content, let’s see some data:

It processes more than 3 Billions of searches each month,
surpassing all search engines, except Google itself.

One billion unique users each month
One in two Internet users visit YouTube every month; a rate second only to Google.

Greater than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined
The second most used search engine, and with the most primitive algorithm in the world, based on just 4 factors.

Youtube is transforming the way of consuming content on the Internet
If before we were accustomed to consume text content, YouTube is the preferred search engine for new generations, who prefer to consume content on video. Something that is causing brands to adapt quickly to this market.


More than 6 billion hours of video displayed each month
Almost one hour of viewing videos, for each person in the world, and with an increase of 50% each year since its creation.

More than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute
The fastest growing content network in the world, at the moment.
The most watched “channel” of television in the world Between the range of 18 to 34 years.
Market penetration in 53 countries and 61 languages
In addition to content in all existing recognized languages ​​(although not with a specific language version).
If YouTube were a country, it would be the third largest.
Behind China and India.

Functions of a Community Manager in Companies

Functions of a Community Manager in Companies

Definition of Community manager
Some companies have well-defined spaces for professionals designated as community manager . However, there are businesses that are not clear about what functions should be carried out, particularly in new businesses.

This uncertainty regarding the field of action of a community manager has led, on the one hand, to an underestimation of their work. On the other hand, the indeterminacy of its activities, which makes it think that, equally, is mediator in social networks that seller or point of contact between a company and its consumers . The truth is that a real CM is Attorney Email Lists a bit of all this and much more.

What are the functions of a community manager?
In a world where everything is developed on the Internet, businesses have taken a big presence and have won their audience through the large network. To achieve this, they rely on two basic platforms: their own website and social networks. However, the users of the latter do not use them in order to buy products, but to live their daily lives. That is where the definition of a CM is framed .

Its main function is to be the live presence of the brand on the Internet, both on the website and on social networks. But let’s see how the complex gear of this online presence operates.

Activities of a community manager
Website of a company
Immediately a question arises: if the community around the brand is mainly in social networks, why should I do something on the website? Because among its activities, a CM is responsible for positioning a brand in the search engines, creating current and original content.

The CM performs site analysis activities, which subsequently lead it to plan strategies to generate, publish and distribute that content. This activity is closely linked with social networks. Once the content of a blog is updated in a company, it is mainly in social networks where it is presented to the general public, but it is also there where other activities of a community manager arise .

Management of social networks
In terms of content, each company has social networks that are better adapted to its objective. Of course, in most cases the goal is to reach the public, not only the target but the potential. A community manager knows this and therefore adapts the way that content is presented to each social network, but also knows the time and day when it should be published to reach more people.

His work of analysis and publication of content does not end there, since exhausting the reach of a potential audience is not limited to the moments of greatest impact but also to the form and the type of content with which the lowest flow must be addressed. A CM knows that a company must never lack a presence in the network , even in moments of less impact, without this implying wasting its main content.

Other functions of social networks
On the other hand, the work of a community manager is not limited to the creation of content, its planning and dissemination, but it is the direct voice between the users and the brand. Their work involves establishing a first effective contact, either with the target audience or with potential clients, but it is also a mediator before conflicts with the brand and between the users themselves.

This is because a brand can have prescribers , who are people with a special affinity towards it who, with their loyalty, can defend up to the last consequence what the brand represents. The contact with them is fundamental to maintain their fidelity.

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But a brand also has detractors, battle continuously with the competition, must deal with advertising counter-campaigns and even own mistakes such as failures in their products or in the media discourse of their managers. For all this, it is the CM who must give the face in each case , with very specific activities, for example:

– Knowing how to win and cope with opposing opinions without ever allowing an impulsive attitude.

– Being up to date with the information of the competition and even sharing their information, regardless of being left without the baton in a subject. This vision that adds value to knowledge is widely valued by users, who are increasingly aware consumers.

– Knowing how to redirect any negative image of the brand towards the generation of a new learning .

All the above information leads to a key issue.

What is the profile that a community manager must meet?
There are very definite characteristics between the skills that must be mastered and the skills that a CM must have.

Professional profile
Until about ten years ago, this position did not exist and today it has a very broad labor offer. Your work, more than in communication, should be considered as part of the marketing of a company. Hence, its formation arises from commercial areas , but with a specialization in digital media. For this, large universities nowadays offer specialized courses, diplomas and even graduate programs.



As social networks continue to grow, it will be increasingly necessary to analyze the data obtained from the actions carried out in the different social channels in order to optimize efforts Democratic Donor Email Lists and increase results. Social Analytics arises from this need , but what exactly is Social Anlítica? And can this measurement need be met by the most popular measurement tools, Google Analytics?

To answer these questions, first let us know what it refers to when we talk about social analytics: Social Analytics refers to a series of analyzes, studies, tools and methodologies to understand what the user does in social networks . Google Analytics is a tool to analyze the user’s behavior on your website. However, if that user comes to our website from a social network, we will be analyzing the effect of social networks on our website.

Democratic Donor Email Lists

Google Analytics has a module to analyze the behavior of users in some social networks. This report (see image below) is a good starting point to check which are the social networks that contribute most to attract visitors to your website.

It is important to keep in mind that for Google Analytics in many reports social network traffic is treated as reference traffic.
Another interesting report is Network References. Google Analytics automatically detects the sources of traffic that can be considered as social networks and offers a summary of metrics for each one of them.

Here you can check not only the size of each of the social networks, but also the level of interaction within the page, with metrics such as the average duration of the visit or the pages per visit.
The social data concentrator of Google Analytics is a platform that allows you to share information about social activity with Google Analytics.

If your content is shared on any of these social networks, you can see how users interact with your content. However, some of the most relevant social networks have decided not to integrate their information with Google Analytics.