Mobile applications to find gas stations

Mobile applications to find gas stations
As we know the events that occur in our country increase to be negative and as social networks are increasingly available to everyone, users grow and do not forgive.

We Mexicans take with humor Nurse Email List the bad news that happens in Mexico and the “gasolinazo” was no exception for the creation of the famous memes.

In 2015, the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, announced that the price of gasoline in the country would not be increased. However, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit announced an increase of approximately 20%, starting on January 1, 2017. Where Magna petrol rose from 14.63 to 15.99 pesos, Premium from 14.81 to 17.79 pesos and diesel from 13.98 to 17.05 pesos, on average.

Which caused a lot of discontent and gave a lot to talk about. Immediately, on social networks, they began to spend fun memes regarding the #gasolinazo that surely you saw many of them.

Mobile applications to find gas stations
These events make us think that the idea of ​​”Javi Noble” (character of the Mexican film, We the Noble) is not so crazy, right?

A gas station “at home”, where you can order gas anywhere you are and also save time, it’s safer … Yes, we definitely want one like that.

Currently in the USA, this idea is a reality and is being carried out with the help of mobile applications. Filld, WeFuel, Yoshi, Purple and Booster Fuels are some of them already operating in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia.

application-gas stations

These applications work in the following way … Users select the fuel type and payment option, then a company van arrives in half an hour or less to fill the vehicles.

However, in Mexico it is still a long way from reaching, as the biggest obstacle is the Mexican consumer culture. Those of us who are accustomed to traditional service stations, less independent, in addition to diverse populations of the country do not have the reach of technology.

Google Analytics The 5 Indispensable Metrics

Google Analytics The 5 Indispensable Metrics

Google Analytics: The 5 Indispensable Metrics for a Web Analysis.
The web analytics is one of the areas of digital marketing most neglected by businesses in Mexico, thanks to free tools to our website Apparel Company Database as Google Analytics can capture plenty of data to better understand what happens in our website is indispensable today if we want to improve the efficiency of our website.

Here I present the most important metrics to take into account in Google Analytics

1.- Unique Visitors of our web
Google Analytics allows us to know exactly the number of different people who access our website. A unique visitor interacts with our website and generates several page views and different sessions.

2.- Average of Pages per visit
It is the numerical average of pages with which a user has interacted in his visit to the website. It helps us measure the degree of interest in the content of the site for users and the relevance of our brand.

3.- Average time on the page
Google Analytics offers us one of the most important data such as the average time of stay of visitors on a page: With this metric you can measure how long users stay depending on the content. The time spent on the page is one of the most important factors for Google when determining if an article is interesting for users.

4.- Web Rebound Percentage
This metric tells us the percentage of visitors that enter our website and have left it without visiting any additional page of our site. It gives us the key to the interest generated by our information or the design and usability of our page. By providing a correct browsing experience and sharing interesting content we will obtain lower bounce rates. This Metric is also very important for the Search Engine Positioning in Google Mexico, since Google wants the user to find the information they need in the fastest way possible and a very high rebound% means that the Web does not have a content of quality that provides value to the user.

5.- Traffic Sources
They are the channels through which we are receiving visitors who access our website. Google Analytics divides the sources of traffic between:

Direct traffic: These are the visits that arrive when you enter the URL of our website in the browser directly.
Referred traffic: Which of our visits are we receiving thanks to the media linked to our content.
Organic search: These are the visits that enter the web through the search engines.
Social: It is the traffic that we receive on our website through our social networks.
Although there are metrics of many types and for different activities, the ones shown in the post are the ones that I consider most relevant when measuring the efficiency of a website: knowing which contents are generating the most interest, which do not call attention to the user and where the visits come; from them we can start to establish our KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and develop strategies to improve the functioning of our Site.

The image of a company is the most important, it is what identifies it from others and makes the user prefer it. The image ranges from the colors used, the advertising that is handled, the design of the establishments, the advertisements, the language, to the logo.

What is a logo?
A logo is a distinctive design consisting of letters, symbols, colors, which serve to identify a business or company.

Every company needs a logo, this is the identity of the company, it is a symbol that represents their values ​​and what they want to make known. Therefore, a good logo is the basis of any company, if it does not attract attention, it is very likely that the consumer easily forget the company. The more symbolic our logo is, the easier it will be to remember it.

According to Manuel Estrada, creator of Design, a good logo can increase sales or the results of a company up to 15%.

When thinking about a brand, the first thing you think about is the logo . This happens as companies use all possible means to make it known .

Did you know that each person receives at least 3,000 advertising hits per day?
There are many examples in the market, Coca Cola with its distinctive red color, Apple with its apple, Adidas with its three bars, etc. Everyone can identify these logos and what companies are treated, this is because from the beginning these companies managed to capture the customer’s attention. Your brand must be strong and with this your logo too, so you will show your client the quality of your company and your services.

With social networks, brands should call the attention of the consumer instantaneously, this due to the infinity of content that appear in your feed. What companies show in their profile is what is going to stand out from others, and this is thanks to its logo.Manufacturing Production Directors, Managers Email Lists

Who can help me with the design of my logo?
The design of your logo must be one of the first decisions you make when creating your business, leaving it always in the hands of experienced people, such as graphic designers.

So that a designer can help you with your logo you must first have defined what you want for your company, the values ​​that you want to show, your objectives, where you want to arrive, etc.

Is it necessary to redesign my logo?
Sometimes companies decide to redesign their logo, or often a complete change of image. This most of the cases is beneficial, because as your business grows you must also do your logo, but there have been cases where the company has not benefited from not having conducted market research to its customers. This is why it is very important to review all your alternatives before making a drastic change to your image.

Here we show some examples of recognized brands that have been redesigned their logos as the company grows, and thanks to this they are still recognized worldwide.

Many times companies forget the importance of a good logo, but it is something that we should not overlook. A logo is the business card that you show to customers, so you must meditate very well what design you want for your logo.

Surely you’re wondering, what features does a good logo have? Here we leave you some:

It must have the essence of the brand, for this you must know the company, its services, its values, etc. very thoroughly.
It must be attractive to the target audience. This means that if your company is for a child audience you must put bright colors and figures that are easy to understand, otherwise if your company is aimed at a middle-aged audience, you would use more serious colors and symbols.
It has to be original and very easy to remember.
It has to be adaptable to any format. Your logo should look good from a mobile, on your website, as a watermark, on a business card, etc.
It must be simple and avoid having unnecessary or superficial elements
It must survive the passage of time.

It is difficult to put into practice all these characteristics but it is essential that they are followed if you want your company to be recognized; It is therefore important to invest in a good logo designed by a professional, as already mentioned.

We already show you what features should have a good logo, now we will show you what you should avoid if you want your logo, like your company, to be a success.

Have designs made with programs that are not for serious designs such as Word, PowerPoint, etc.
Buy logos in image banks.
Use typography difficult to read.
Have a logo filled with images or symbols.
Copy to another company.
Base on fashions or trends for your design.

Finally, what should you remember?
The first impression is very important. It will take your client only 2 seconds to judge your company just for its image. This will depend on whether we attract potential customers or move them away. It is also what differentiates us from the competition, that is why it is important to show a clean image, that is visible and with which they can identify you, otherwise it is possible for clients to change their company.

Your logo is the personal brand of the company and what will identify it from now on, so it is important that you pay attention to the tips that we already mentioned.
If you have problems with your logo, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

What is digital government?

The era of digital information has caused great changes in everything that touches. The ways of doing politics, of enforcing laws and of offering services to citizens have also created a new paradigm of governance: digital government . But what is it, what does it consist of?

Democratization and empowerment of citizens
Since the Internet began to be Art Director Email List part of people’s daily lives, the digitization of all aspects has made access to services , information, communication and even unique job offers available to the majority . It has proved to be the tip of the spear of the ideas of democracy, because never before has the population of any country had such equal opportunities.

Talking about democracy, however, leads one to think about current governments. Once the information and access have been opened for all, what role should the government assume? This is where the idea of ​​a government capable of responding to this evolution arises. A government that incorporates information technologies and optimizes the use of electronic communication channels.

How a digital government is built
The first approach to their formation is the change of internal structures; However, modifying government systems and all the infrastructure under which they operate leaves aside the objective of this new way of working: citizens.

So, following the precept of Steve Jobs to be based on the needs of users, has been formulated the creation of an open government to accommodate all citizens in the way they access public services and are part of the political decisions.

This opening focuses on three blocks:

1. Trust It involves the empowerment of the citizenry whenever they can participate in an open manner in decisive issues for the development of a country. Furthermore, in order for this power to be enforced, the dialogue must be bilateral and make use of transparency as the maximum instrument of public credibility, allowing total access to government data.

2. Well-being One of the great enemies of democracy, pointed Aldous Huxley in the 50s, is the formation of bureaucracies. These were grouped in such a horizontal and vertical way that access to procedures and services was increasingly limited for users and it was difficult to reach the person in charge.

The accessibility model of a digital government considers the welfare of citizens from this point of view. With the generation of attention and completion of procedures online , increases the quality of service, competitiveness and the mission of the government, which is to serve the governed, fulfills its work to facilitate the lives of citizens.

3. Efficiency. In terms of intelligence, digital governments are more effective. This requires the use of ICTs, the design of new policies based on the veracity of tests open to the public and more objective decision making based on data.

Direct improvements of digital government
Apart from carrying out online procedures, there are many other advantages for citizens of countries where there is a digital government.

1. The first of these is the possibility of creating proposals or voting for them to be applied or reversed. A current example of this type is the generation of a Mexican block chain , which involved, among its tests, the execution of the first fully digital public tender.

2. Another advantage is the possibility of exposing complaints directly and immediately , both to improve services and structure and to give greater weight to the voice of citizens.

3. Finally, another advantage, perhaps the most relevant, is related to online procedures. It consists of the access by the users to their financial information and their money properly, in such a way that with a digital identity payments of all kinds can be made with a single click, with total security and immediately.

The vanguard in digital government
Many Latin American countries, such as Uruguay or Colombia, are at the forefront in the development of their digital governments. However, at the international level, the D5 group was formed several years ago, where the main pioneers of this type of infrastructures came together to offer their advances to the world community.

Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea and the United Kingdom formed this group. Of these nations, it is Estonia that leads the baton with specialized programs in the digitization of its services implemented since 2000 and which, in a vanguard vision, have led to investing in computer education for children who learn to program in their schools.

Estonia was the first country to recognize access to the Internet as a basic human right. As soon as you set foot in your capital, Tallinn, it seems that we are a few years ahead of the rest of the world. There is Wi-Fi network open to the entire population and many of the common services of the street, such as parking meters or taxis, can be paid digitally, just by using the cell phone.



Is your website 100% optimized for Google?

One of the main points that must be taken into account when considering the positioning of a company in Google, is that its website has everything necessary for its Buy Bitcoin Email Leads possibilities of indexing and positive reading from Google are optimal. For this it is necessary to know the elements that the search engine currently values ​​from the webs.

How do we do it

If you do not know if your website has everything you need to have the highest rating of Google, the best thing you can do is that a SEO optimization specialist assesses the current situation of your website and proposes what should be the points to improve to count with a website 100% optimized for Google. 
From Mediaclick we analyze your website as a whole, focusing on:

Buy Bitcoin Email Leads

Technology used 
> General web structure 
> Meta tags

> Semantic tags > Typology of contents 
> Code errors

Have you already automated your marketing strategy? Save time and effort

Have you already automated your marketing strategy? Save time and effort

There comes a time in a business where the volume of work exceeds our productive capacity, and at that time it is impossible to continue offering a 1 to 1 relationship. Marketing automation allows software to perform repetitive tasks for us, saving us time and effort that we can use to grow our business. It also allows us a better follow-up and a greater reach of our strategies. If you are interested in taking the way you do marketing to a new level, read on, this article is for you Faroe Islands Email List.

What is marketing automation?

The concept arose from e-mail marketing , which automates the sending of e-mails to potential customers. However, every time we can automate more processes, and every time we find more tools at our disposal to do so. Marketing automation allows specialized software to perform marketing tasks for us automatically. The tool that we will use will detect certain behaviors of the users in the website, and from such behaviors will activate certain automatic processes. The tool will have the ability to save user information: a cookie, your e-mail, your phone number. There are many different tools to carry out the automation of certain marketing processes, and we can certainly find one that suits our strategy, business and needs.

The advantages of automation for your business

This practice has innumerable advantages, and all are very important to be able to boost our business one step further. Here we tell you some of the most relevant:

  • Eliminates the possibility of human errors: especially in complex tasks such as measurement or analytics.
  • Increase the relevance and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns: get credibility, quantify your strategies and generate higher quality leads are the most complex challenges for any business, and marketing automation solves them.
  • Efficiency, efficiency and optimization: As you can imagine, the automation of processes allows a significant saving of time and human resources. A single person will control the automation of many and varied processes.
  • CRM: Do you find attractive the possibility of having an organized database with all the information of your active and potential clients? Automation will be your best friend.
  • Monitoring: You will be able to follow and analyze each segment of the database mentioned above.

You can automate the following processes …

Your e-mail marketing , which allows the automatic sending of personalized e-mails to a large number of clients (active or potential). You can do lead nurturing , which allows you to convert interested leads in your products to clients, in addition to qualifying purchasing behaviors. You can offer automatic and immediate responses to leads, or plan content for social networks and save the time it takes to decide what to publish and what to respond. You can automate landing pages . You can collect queries or user information with web forms , create a database with information about potential customers and launchOptimized advertising such database. Or you can receive analytics and reports from all the previous processes so you can keep track of your progress!

As you can imagine, once you adopt automation, the sky is the limit … If you were interested in the subject, do not miss part 2: How to automate marketing processes? 7 tools useful .

You will know the tools you can use to take action and start automating processes in your business Online Shopping.
How to automate marketing processes? 7 useful tools

How to automate marketing processes? 7 useful tools

In the previous post you learned what marketing automation means and its advantages and importance when applying it to businesses and companies. Today we will see how to implement marketing automation effectively, and considerations before doing so , so you can avoid headaches. As an extra, we tell you what are the 7 most used tools in marketing automation, so thatevaluate which ones adapt to you and the needs of your business Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List.

Implementing automation

Before acting, define your strategy

Defining your strategy is key in order to implement automation. You must know how you will act to get your leads to finally become customers. Once your strategy has been defined, you can begin to think about the actions you must take to make it come true. Only then can you find a marketing automation tool that suits your needs. Start looking for the tool and then the strategy is a mistake that should be avoided.

The objective when creating a content strategy is not only to generate traffic, because only with traffic we will not be able to promote conversions. On the contrary, you must generate valuable and interesting content so that your users stay interested in your brand, company or product, as well as disseminate the content through various channels that attract new leads. Once we know which customers are interested (we will know why they will subscribe to the newsletter or download content) we can use lead nurturing actions  that will keep interested prospects and guide them little by little to the purchase process. All this is done through the regular delivery of relevant and personalized content relevant to the interactions of such prospects.

It is also very important that we maintain a strict management of leads and that we know perfectly all the steps that a client usually follows since he knows the company, brand or product until the purchase. In the same way, we must understand why those who do not become customers do not buy, what are their objections. This awareness of our leads helps us to define our strategy even more.

We must think deeply about all this before we start looking for marketing automation tools simply because we must first know what actions we need to automate . Knowing what our ideal prospect is, generating a good content strategy that keeps you interested and maintaining an effective lead management that guides the prospect to the purchase process, are necessary actions before even thinking about automation. Once we know what our client needs, and we know how to give it to them, we can begin to automate such processes.

Some last considerations

However, we must not take automation to the point of not maintaining any relationship with our users. We can automate for example the sending of e-mails with relevant content or the follow-up of an interested user (and this once we know the potential client, we know what their needs are and how to solve them) but it is not possible to automate the whole process selling. The tools we use to automate need to be evaluated to see if they have met their objectives, if they are efficient. And especially they need to be modified continuously so that they adapt to the development of the business.

Automated marketing is not free or cheap. That is why it is so important that you consciously digest and meditate all the points mentioned above, in that way you will know what actions you want and need to automate, and therefore, in what tool to invest.

7 tools to automate marketing processes in your business

Now we will list, in no particular order, some specialized tools in marketing automation. Having said all of the above, you can start to keep in mind which are the best known tools in the automation marketing market , so you can evaluate which ones adapt to the needs of your business.Marketo

It is an all in one software considered a leader in automated digital marketing. It is not the most expensive tool but not the cheapest one, so if you are not sure to use all the advanced features it has, it would be a better option to opt for cheaper alternatives that have the features you really need.


Do not pay attention to Eloqua unless you are looking for business-level software and have the right budget for it. If you are looking for just that, it is a super complete tool that provides an excellent service, especially when teaching your clients how to get the most out of the platform. It allows the company to easily integrate with the system it uses to manage its business.


It is the most appropriate option for small and medium enterprises. It helps to get more sales and customers with different built-in tools that automate tasks with the constant goal of saving time. It has several features and an affordable price for businesses or independent professionals.


It is aimed at B2B companies and small and medium-sized companies. Its biggest difference compared to other softwares of the style is that it does not have monthly plans, but offers a service upon request. Prices vary according to the size of the business database.Hubspot

It is the leading company in marketing automation and one of the most powerful platforms. Its only drawback is its price, which is quite high for companies that do not have a high budget for their marketing department. It provides a suite of interconnected tools, and its functionalities could be divided into 3 groups: CRM software, marketing software and software sales. Something to keep in mind is that the system does a bit of everything, but nothing at a very deep and specialized level. If you are looking for an “all in one” tool that contains the basics of many marketing functionalities, HubSpot is for you.Pardot

It is especially oriented to B2B companies. If there is something that differentiates Pardot, it is the ability that this tool has for companies to communicate with their customers through an impressive variety of channels. It is a perfect choice for a company that wants to go further with marketing automation, which already had the basics and now wants to expand. The monthly plans have a high price, which is another thing to consider.Act-On

It is based exclusively for use “in the cloud”. Its prices are not as high as those of other platforms, allowing its use to large or small companies or businesses.

It has several functionalities, which could be subsumed under three large groups: inbound, outbound and marketing automation Online Shopping.