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Canada Business Database

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you to discover that dedicated and savvy email marketing done the right way can result in incredible sales and a list that just seems to grow itself. We all love those stories about just sitting down, clicking send on a simple email, and then watching the dollars roll in.
Surely, we all think, there must be more to it than that? It must cost more, or be more complicated, than it looks on the surface, otherwise everyone would be doing it, right??

Well, wrong!

It’s not complicated, it’s not a hard work, and it’s not an expense. BUT, canada business database and this is a big but, it needs to be done the right way!

A “simple” email that results in explosive list profits is actually cunningly crafted and expertly distributed for the most powerful results possible. Are you desperate to discover how you too can fully master the potential of email marketing and see massive pay cheque arrive every day?

Look, if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times: your list is where your money is. As an online marketer trying to carve a niche in the marketplace, build brand consistency, and form solid relationships, you’ll no doubt consider email marketing as a key element in your online marketing efforts.

But what’s online marketing and list building all about?

If you’ve never built a sizeable campaign or made money with email marketing, you’ll want to know how this is going to work for you-if it’s “for real.”

The basics? When you build a list, you build “squeeze pages,” or opt-in pages, offering potential customers or clients a place on your email list or a newsletter subscription as a tradeoff for things you’ll offer gratis: ebooks, special reports, white papers, online courses, and the like.

Squeeze page visitors can be added to your database, as well as augment your business’s corespondent.

List building, in the best cases, connects you with your target market, brings your message to your key audience, and encourages active subscribers to become customers. It enables you to point them to products they can use and helps you ascertain what your audience actually buys-and in the process, what they’re likely to buy from you.

Email marketing helps you use your database of good leads, people who’ve confirmed a request to be part of your list, to structure and send out a balanced campaign: free information, useful content, and resources customers use, combined with paid ads, affiliate marketing opportunities and a dollop of promotion.

What choices do you have in the email campaign setup? Two main avenues are open to you: single- or double-opt-in campaigns. In a single opt-in, potential customers are added to your autoresponder simply by entering their names and email addresses. Many companies, however, prefer the double-opt-in “safety” feature of having the customer confirm their intention to be added to the list before the actual list entry takes place.

This “safety” element works both ways: the customer verifies their request, and the marketer avoids potential problems with CAN-SPAM regulations and reports of “unsolicited” emails. These recent regulations, by requiring potential subscribers to click an activation link to verify their list-joining request, protect both sides of the online marketplace. Verification is simple through your autoresponder service-not a separate step you have to set up manually-which makes putting together a double-opt-in campaign easy.Canada Consumer Email List

Most importantly, no matter your market-a specific niche or a broader mainstream customer group-a targeted, well-put-together mailing list is critical to your success in online marketing. It’s so important, in fact, that professional marketers know there is no other way for them to cover the ground or gain the exposure they can gain with a precisely focused, relevant subscriber list.

If you doubt this, consider: employing good email marketing means you’ll no longer have to do manual marketing nor set up PPC marketing campaigns. Think of the savings in time, money, and hassle. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You bet it does.

Those benefits can come your way with list building. It’s a cost- effective help to building your online business and maximizing potential profits so that you don’t waste time marketing your business that you could spend growing it.

You need access to insider methods to build high-conversion squeeze pages and landing pages, plus comprehensive email campaigns to increase both your profits and your visibility. This, in turn, enables you to join the ranks of those considered online marketing authorities faster than you might have thought possible.

You’ll be savvy in ways to form subscriber relationships and know the right products to spend your time promoting, thanks to the cutting-edge market research you can lay your hands on in minutes rather than weeks…or months.

The unbelievable potential of a focus on relevant mailing lists can change the way you do business, literally, overnight. Even if you’re just beginning to learn about email marketing. You can hold the most powerful key to unlock the secret of joining the “high-roller” online email marketers.

You won’t want to wait to turn that key in the lock!

Think of it: you, a superstar in email marketing. It’s not only possible; it’s within your reach! We know you’re excited to begin. But remember, great online business opportunities build on great squeeze pages and mailing lists; so let’s talk about the resources and techniques of building dynamite squeeze pages and manage your mailing lists so well that your system will almost run itself.

And after all, isn’t that one of the attractions of online and email marketing-creating automatic “cash machines” that operate on pre-set schedules, sending your targeted e-mails and broadcasts at just the right times? Indeed, it is. And with the right tools in place, you don’t have to babysit your marketing efforts; they’ll run like a well-tuned engine, one that generates profits from multiple campaigns, all operating simultaneously-week in, week out-to grow your business.

The better news is that, even for novices in email marketing, building a system isn’t rocket science; in fact, getting one up and running has never been easier than it is now. And the best news of all? You need very little upfront investment to start email marketing: a domain name, a hosting account, and an autoresponder provider, and you’re on your way.

Here’s the bottom line: email marketers need squeeze pages. They house your opt-in forms; they’re the place your prospects find you, peruse what you offer, and take the next step: becoming active subscribers to your list.

You want to develop full-function squeeze pages that effectively drive traffic in and supply your autoresponder with new, eager buyers. To do that, your opt-in page should have a few very specific key elements.

First, squeeze pages are like sales pages in at least one function: both draw customers and encourage them to act-in this instance, to become list subscribers.

That “call to act” is crucial to squeeze pages that perform; knowing this, take care that your squeeze page gives prospects clear, simple instructions on how to fill in the opt-in form correctly; otherwise, you’ve lost them at least once, and maybe permanently.

However, other than sharing a first step in common-getting prospects to act-squeeze pages and sales pages differ in other areas, one of which is how each page type is structured. Sales pages usually offer a wealth of information about a particular product or service in a small space-enough, ideally, so “lookers” become customers.

Your squeeze page puts a bit less pressure on the visitor, in that you don’t expect the buying decision made on the spot. With a squeeze page, instead, you offer something gratis: free incentives that inspire visitors to subscribe to your list. Just as the purpose is different, the design of a squeeze page is therefore different from a sales page.