Behavior of e-commerce in Mexico
The growth of online shopping has been strongly influenced in recent years, particularly these purchases are made from tablet and smartphone mobile devices made by consumers aged 18 to 34 who bought digital content representing 75% of purchases.

The obtaining of mobile devices has been increasing in Mexico, 50% of the population represents people who have the three mobile devices (laptop, tablet and smartphone) and only 3% have only one of them.

The behavior of Mexican Travel Agent Email Address List consumers is currently facing great changes in habits and digital trends.

It is important to take into account which dates are the highest for planning functional e-commerce strategies. Christmas 63% , Good end 52% , Mother’s day and Valentine’s day are the dates on which an increase in sales is shown, the products that are sold come from the United States 64% and 36% Asia with clothing purchases and accessories, digital downloads, event tickets and video games.

The concern about security is the main reason why many people do not make purchases online, many people do not feel the confidence to register their cards on websites although it is already a trend, do not break taboos in that aspect yet there are several safe payment methods with money backing, the credit and debit cards with 53% are still the most used in e-commerce .

If the service was good there is the possibility that they recommend other people to buy, this will generate positive comments on your page and especially more people who trust the website.

Technology has managed to change the perspective of people towards companies. Since the advent of the Internet, companies have had to evolve the way to address and respond to their consumers. We have seen how Social Networks have become an instrument for the exchange of value with the client, an extremely important and effective instrument, that although it has not been able to replace direct contact, if it has taken a great weight within the strategies of communication of large companies.

The investment in Digital Advertising increases over the years and it is not surprising, in Mexico for 2013, there were 59.2 million Internet users, representing 52% penetration and an increase of 6% compared to the year 2012. Thus, people start using more devices with Internet connection and for more time giving a doorway to brands and their products.

According to data from iab Mexico, 55% of Internet users have made a purchase or transactions over the Internet and is the third medium that generates the most investment for advertising campaigns, only behind the open television and radio.

It is undeniable the effectiveness of Internet advertising and advances in technology and social networks, it is expected that we can see very creative campaigns and better ways to measure the performance of our effort. Internet advertising has become a fundamental piece of investment when it comes to connecting with new generations, according to the numbers, we can see that integrating an online campaign should be seriously considered.