Do you know how to create digital marketing planning and the importance of this factor for your business? In the current context, a company that does not invest in digital marketing may be doomed to failure. However, even those who invest in this marketing strategy can still sin by not adopting a coordinated strategy, but in isolation, thus losing the chance to enjoy a giant potential to attract new customers, loyalty and growth.

Hence the importance of creating a digital marketing plan that takes into account all its bias and its varied possibilities  benin email lists. But how to work coherently and fully, building a more complete digital marketing plan? Here’s how in the tips below.

Keep in mind how far your company plans to get
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The best way to set the goal to be achieved is through annual planning. This factor will certainly facilitate the creation of timelines, priorities, objectives and tasks to be performed. In this way you will be able to direct all the tasks necessary to reach the defined goal.

In addition, it is through this planning that you identify where your company is currently located within the market, as well as the points that need the most care, the deficiencies and the solutions to meet them.

Question and analyze the data obtained
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In order to execute effective digital marketing planning, it is necessary to make monthly or quarterly balance sheets, for example, analyzing this period and questioning the results obtained, checking what worked or not, in order to direct the most appropriate marketing actions to the progress of the company.

To do so, have in hand data such as number of monthly visitors, if the promotions in banners in media paid like Google have had satisfactory results, sales flow, among other factors.

Market Knowledge
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A well defined digital marketing plan needs market knowledge. So get the most relevant information about the niche in which your business is embedded. This knowledge can be configured in the differential that will highlight your company in the sector.

Monitor the performance of your company’s digital marketing actions

Close monitoring of the company’s digital marketing actions allows you to have greater control over metrics, enabling a more accurate diagnosis and constant revision of this result.

With daily, weekly and monthly monitoring, it is possible to analyze the impact of the metrics on the whole marketing process of the company, thus obtaining more precise subterfuges that allow to achieve the desired results.

Define which projects are priorities
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Digital marketing planning should be constantly based on the analysis of data and results. In this way, evaluate which projects yield the most return and invest in them, giving them priority.

Often there are great ideas in the field, however, the project needs to be cut and adapted to reach more positive metrics. Evaluate, reformulate and analyze this possibility.

What was planned and what was achieved
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With the current data at hand, try to compare them against what was planned. It is natural that some responses in the current context are different from those when the action of digital marketing began.

If necessary, reformulate and adapt the planning to the current reality, realize the errors and prevent them from happening again. Establish the deadlines to be met in the execution of the marketing tasks, with well defined schedules.

Mirago has the most complete structure to assist you in digital marketing planning, doing an in-depth study of your company and all the spheres involved in the success of these actions, such as consumer profile, microenvironment, diagnosis and prognosis, objectives and strategies, as well as financial viability and an effective plan of actions implemented on schedule.



Does the Digital Marketing Consultant perform exactly which (function) functions? It is quite likely that this is a question that arouses the curiosity of the people who seek the services of a marketing consultant.

Healing doubts, especially about the role played by a digital marketing consultant is  belize email lists, especially so that the entrepreneur understands more clearly and comprehensively, how much this new concept of marketing is relevant to his business.

Digital Marketing Consulting: defining the concept
First of all, it is important to conceptualize what Digital Marketing is. Broadly speaking, scholars and authorities in the subject define Digital Marketing as a series of Marketing strategies to achieve goals that can be of a company, brand, business or person. These strategies are essentially focused on the virtual environment, ie internet and digital media.

Marketing Consultant: well defined roles
The aim of a Digital Marketing consultancy is to identify in a given company how the company’s communication and relationship is in the digital field, weaving a precise diagnosis to start from this point, to find solutions and strategies that optimize the presence of the company within the digital context .

Whoever invests in a digital marketing consultancy is therefore ahead of competitors in this competitive market because it will have the support and support of a professional who sells expertise and intelligence.

Among the roles played by the Digital Marketing consultant, we highlight:

Commitment to dedicate itself to the good of the company for which it provides advice;
Focus on results and methodology of work very well defined;
Being independent but having a strong team of employees, as well as being open to working with partners of your clients, for example;
Also insert in so-called Offline Marketing.

Main pains that must be solved in Digital Marketing
Diagnosing pain in companies (clients) is a key role that must be performed by the marketing consulting service. One of the main problems that need solving is the question of the weak presence of a certain product in the network, for example.

It does not exist in Google and other search engines. The consultant will then weave strategies that will heal this “pain” and reverse the picture.

Another common problem is when the company is unable to prospect customers, generate new contacts, or sales through its online channel. Again the role of the marketing consultant is essential to bring solutions that revolutionize this stagnation. He will act as a counselor, since instead of executing the processes he will actually guide and tell you how to do to get satisfactory results.

Types of consulting
Mirago has the best Digital Marketing consulting service in São Paulo, dividing it into 3 types:

Digital Marketing Planning: focusing on the structuring of an action plan that invests in guiding all the necessary steps for 12 months;
Spot Consulting: ideal to support the team of managers of the company, punctuating needs with short-term results;
Continuous Consulting: format that invests in direct contact with the client, in a close look for results.



In broad terms, we define Inbound Marketing as a type of Digital Marketing strategy, where a company aims to capture the attention of its public without being invasive, belarus email lists, taking educational content and quality through the media available through the web, that is, through newsletters, blogs, podcasts, video, e-books, as well as SEO techniques and anything that involves the universe of Content Marketing.

Here are 8 things you did not know about Inbound Marketing and that will help you leverage results and optimize your company’s strategies.

Inbound Marketing Needs Planning
With the presence and influence of the Internet becoming more intense not only in people’s lives, but especially in the corporate and entrepreneurial environment, it is more than necessary to understand how Inbound Marketing can both help and also be a waste, if used randomly and without planning.

Inbound Marketing provides a solidly built relationship
One of the main arguments in favor of Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing is the ability to build a relationship with customers, providing them with a better brand experience, reaching out to achieve this powerful tool of digital content.

Inbound Marketing makes your business searchable
With Inbound Marketing, your company is not only more viewed, but also more sought after, especially by those who are looking for exactly what you offer, that is, you have the solution to the customer problem and it will go back you to solve this problem.

Inbound Marketing is one of several facets of Content Marketing
We can compare Content Marketing with a toolbox, made up of several other tools. Inbound Marketing, in this context, would be one of the tools that are inside this box. With Inbound Marketing you create a greater relationship between company and consumer, all through the creation of content relevant to the target audience.

Inbound Marketing aims to produce relevant content to highlight the company
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The production of relevant content is the motto that highlights the company in the current market scenario. It is he who determines the image of the company, which causes it to be, in fact, noticed.

Not investing in Inbound Marketing is a risk
When you do not invest in Inbound Marketing, your company ceases to be online presence, and what is worse, it opens spaces for the competitor to advance, while you stay behind.

Inbound Marketing is essential to captivate your target audience
A survey published by Viver de Blog showed that 70% of people said they preferred to know a company through content rather than through “classic” and traditional advertising. So, if you want to reach as many people as possible, it is more than obvious that you should focus on strategic planning in Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and so produce relevant, engaging content that reaches people’s hearts and can associate your brand with positive values.

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In addition to a business
Above all, Inbound Marketing is able to add value to your business and put your company in front of the rest. By producing relevant content that makes a difference in people’s lives, the company’s image is not restricted to just one business, just as part of a buying and selling system. But yes, as a company that helps people solve their problems. Did you see the difference?

Do you already invest in Inbound Marketing? Have you taken an interest in the subject and want to go deeper? Do not miss the chance to take our Inbound Marketing courses. Enjoy and ask your questions or tell us your experiences!



Facebook or Instagram – what is the best social network for your business? If you are an entrepreneur, you must have asked yourself the same question. For know that a survey made by the consultancy ComScore revealed that, in Brazil, people spend an average of 650 hours per month on social networks.

Named the “Digital Future in Focus Brazil 2015”, this research clearly demonstrates the strength of social networks, especially in our country, where the average time users spend on Facebook or Instagram, for example, is 60% higher than across the rest of the planet.

With such visibility, it is clear that anyone who wants to keep a business and be successful in it must invest in belarus email lists. Facebook is indeed a leader in the segment, being the most popular social network. However, Instagram often grows and there are signs and bets that, in the very near future, it may even surpass Facebook in number of users. Will be?

Speculation aside, the fact is that both Facebook and Instagram are tools of extreme relevance to build and nurture a good relationship with the customer and that, according to the profile of each company or business, a particular brand may have more affinity with social network.

Facebook or Instagram: comparatives
To facilitate the understanding of the characteristics of these two social networks, it is important to analyze the role of each one of them and the factors that create the personality of each platform.

Perhaps the main factor to be analyzed relates to the target audience. For example, Facebook, while being the most popular and democratic social network with broad reach, is more popular with mature audiences. In contrast, Instagram is successful with the younger generation.

This tells us that if your company has a service and product focused on a younger target audience, Instagram will set you up as a great tool. Another important detail about Instagram: Because it is an essentially visual platform, companies that dedicate their image-driven content marketing and content marketing strategies can benefit by adopting it.

Social networks and the importance of audience segmentation
It is essential for every business to be successful, to know who its target audience is. Location, gender, age group, interests, preferences, etc.

In this way, communication is more effective, and in this case, Facebook is practically unbeatable because it allows the company to communicate with the potential customer according to the demographic data (language, age, gender, among others). That is, your message goes directly to whoever interests you.

However, Instagram has already incorporated such functions. Let’s remember that Facebook bought Instagram and that both are owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

Corporate engagement on Instagram is 10 times greater than on Facebook
Another relevant fact is the issue of engagement that companies can achieve using Instagram. Recent research indicates that it is 10 times higher than Facebook. The reference for this index was a post from ADIDAS on both platforms. The Facebook brand has 24 million followers and the post received 78 thousand views.

Dedicated users are worth more on Instagram.
According to surveys, Instagram users tend to spend more money than Facebook.
In Instagram, the sports brand has 9,7 million followers, but obtained 130 thousand views. That is, while Facebook has more reach, Instagram has more involvement.

To define in which of the platforms a company should invest and prioritize, it is necessary to plan and study, in order to identify what is best for the business.



WordPress for beginners in digital marketing is a subject that always generates a lot of interest, after all, every day more and more people invest in producing a corporate blog, a website, aware that online presence is key to business.

As in every beginning, it is common that some doubts arise and even that the production of a content and its placement in the air, for example, takes a little more time than it would take if we knew some tricks and tips.

If you are looking for better improvement, optimize your time and delve a little more  barbados email lists, then stay tuned with our article. Here are 7 basic WordPress tricks for beginners that will soon take you to another level.

Schedule posts
Did you know that you can set the date and time of a post in WordPress? This basic trick of WordPress for beginners is very simple and helps a lot to maintain a periodic routine of postings.

Schedule Post
This way, you do not have to be present, not online to post, and you can choose date and time. To do so, after inserting the content on the page in the upper right corner, instead of clicking “Publish”, click on the “Publish Immediately” link, then “Edit” and easily program the post.

Optimize in SEO standards the URL
In order for your company, store, brand and business to appear well-ranked in search engines (Google), there are a number of optimization techniques called SEO. One is to optimize the URL of the site by editing to an address that facilitates your meeting.

URLs with special characters (%, &, $, @, or *) hinder the search as well as a very long address. To solve, create shorter URLs and with the keyword defined for the post.

To perform this optimization, locate the URL just below the title, click and edit it the best way.

Create line break
Want to make a line break rather than a paragraph? Press Shift + Enter and see the magic happening! A great tip for improving the look of content.

Use shortcuts
There are a number of shortcuts that save your time and streamline the production of WordPress content for beginners. Some shortcuts to follow:

Header 1: Control + 1
Header 2: Control + 2
Header 3: Control + 3
Header 4: Control + 4
Bold: Control + B
Underline: Control + U
Italic: Control + I
Access all shortcuts
To know, test and learn all shortcuts, in the WordPress editor simply click on “Help” or use the Alt + Shift + H shortcut. The “Shortcut Keys” tab will appear. Click on it and enjoy!

Use optimized images in SEO
Naming the images is great to help your site be found by search engines. By submitting the image to WordPress, the user can then enter keywords, both for the title of the image and for the alternative text.

Image SEO
Use the footer
The WordPress footer is the ideal place to create a “call to action” to subscribe to the newsletter, include the bio of the author of the post and / or website, highlight certain pages of the site, among other possibilities.

Are you already used to using WordPress? Starting now? What are your doubts? And what are your tips? Share with us and other readers! And do not forget to show this post to your friends who are just getting started in WordPress art!