How to use Facebook for my company? Discover it here.

How to use Facebook for my company? Discover it here.

Using Facebook for your company can bring you benefits.
Facebook is an asset that can be reflected in different factors, here we tell you which ones.
Remember that it is not enough to Buy A Motorcycle Owner Mailing List have a fan page on Facebook, you have to know how to use it and get benefits. Previously we have already addressed the topic of content marketing , for the clueless, remember that “create attractive content for our customers” is a simple sentence that covers a myriad of things.

So in this post, we will focus on the proper use of the Facebook tool, following 4 principles is what we will base our strategy:

1.- Create content
2.- Response to current events
3.-Monitoring of your consumer. Know it
4.- Customer service. It offers information and monitoring.

1.- Create content

Well says the saying “Rome was not made in a day” so it is necessary that although you believe it is a job that requires time, effort and planning, know that you are right because it is! The results always depend on the effort, so if you enter the wheel to create content marketing, you have to do it well.
For Facebook, the post you make has to go according to the personality of your brand, if you are a funeral home you will not use the same language as a music magazine, each brand has the profile of consumers that follow them and it is necessary to identify them for the creation of messages.
Use images, illustrations, exploit the graphic part.
Create videos of no more than 15 seconds, you can use Vine.

2.- Response to current events
As a brand you must be aware of the relevant events for your segment. For example, if you are a footwear brand (Converse) and your segment has interests in music, cinema and fashion, you should be aware of the events on these topics, that is, following this example: “Are you ready for Coachella? ? What band are you going to sing with the most?

3.- Monitoring of your consumer. Know it
If you use any tool to automate your publications, there is no problem but you must take into account that automation must consider schedules, interactions, the context in which it is published, etc.
Use tools such as: Hootsuite, Radian 6 or NetVibes to monitor keywords and thus know your consumer, through interests, needs and preferences. In this way you can interact with your community, at the relevant time.

4.- Customer service. It offers information and monitoring.
In Facebook it is key to have the ability to be able to answer the doubts of your customers, as well as both negative and positive comments. For this is vital, that the person who manages your community in this social network is prepared for all situations that may arise.
Create a manual with simulation of situations and possible answers
Have your brand information at hand, such as timetables, prices or characteristics of your product or service.
Do not let a lot of time pass without responding to your customers, the time varies according to the capacity of the company between 15 minutes to 4 hours. The sooner the better!

How will you see this strategy reflected in your assets? You achieve empathy with your clients, which is why they become faithful to your brand, which leads to having customers and non-buyers. The dream of every brand!

Thank you very much for reading, see you soon.

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When entering the internet, say a blog, a social network or the website of a company, we are not aware of what we are looking for, many times when we surf the internet we go from one window to another without remembering that it was the main reason why we first open the search engine, this behavior is quite typical, on the other side of the coin are the owners of the websites that we reached in the form of a click.
By having a website whatever the item, you must generate and monitor that the content matches the objective that has been raised, whether to communicate, or sell in particular, however once you have, how can we measure the performance? The answer is in web analytics.

We could make empirical conclusions based on sales or data that users fill, but none would have a sustainable basis to take an action, in these cases where you are not sure about the causes of certain behavior on the site, the only thing with weight that can help us draw conclusions and generate an action plan locating the points of improvement on the site will be the use of web analytics .

Web analytics is basically the collection, measurement, analysis and statistical data reportinghosted in cookies (small snippets of code with information about stored search terms) of browsers and websites, these cookies contain information about the user such as: where they come from, what ads they have clicked on, the time they spend in our site, which page is the most visited, the keywords with which they found us, among many other data. When the user accepts the privacy agreement or the activation of cookies before entering a specific site, he / she consents to the use of these data so that compilation reports of the subsequent activity are made, that is, what he / she does and sees on our site. Using this information web analytics services can give us information about the exact behavior of everyone who visits our website.

Google Analytics is the analytical service offered by Google for our company in Mexico to process this type of information, this gives us statistics and numbers about the activities on the website by users, generates reports depending on the specific objectives that have the company, in the case of an informative page it could be the subscription to this, the filling of a form or a contact message, while in a commercial site it would be the purchase or the quotation of the product or service.

By having this information we can compare data to be able to know in which page of our website there are more bounces , once this information is reviewed in the reports, we can complement it with tracking codes in each of the pages of our website, these codes usually entered at the end of the head of our website, they will provide us with the correct information about where the user clicks. The biggest challenge in terms of using this tool is the correct interpretation of reports and information, Google Analytics will show us the corresponding figures with great effectiveness and it will depend on the user’s ability to give a good analysis to match the decisions with the objectives that the business has.In short, this free resource should be used as well as the reports it generates and the data it contains, in order to reinvent our website efficiently so that the fulfillment of the objectives is maximized. There is the key to increase the utilities of your website!

Definition of Big Data and Importance for Mexican Companies

Definition of Big Data and Importance for Mexican Companies

A new concept in information technologies (IT) has been working for some time, something called “the third platform”. In reality, even though it sounds very ostentatious, this new term only refers to a more advanced level of information technology. information, taking into account four technological aspects that have recently had a great growth: mobility, social Automotive Mailing List networks, cloud computing and Big Data
This time we will talk about Big Data; but first we must know what it is, because the big data as its name indicates is data in large volume, but not all data can be considered big data, these data have to comply with a precept spread by IBM: The four V

Volume: It has to be a large amount of data, this is easy to fulfill since worldwide the level of data that has been generated is constantly increasing due to the rise of web 2.0.
Speed: This data has to be generated at high speeds and it must be possible to access them with a high response speed.
Variety: There has to be a great variety of data: structured, unstructured, multimedia, geolocation, etc.
Truthfulness: That the data collected be reliable.
So, to define what Big Data is, we will say that they are huge amounts of information of all kinds generated at a high speed in a reliable way, this whole wave of data comes from the users of any service that has our personal information, such as the social networks, fixed telephone companies, mobile, government institutions, cable or internet providers, among others. This is how big data represents a great opportunity for all organizations because analyzing all this information, an enormous possibility of generating better communication with customers, tailored to each one’s taste, would be exploited.

Now that we have defined and we have an idea of ​​what big data is about, we can say that, yes, until a few years ago all this was a myth, because due to the regulations of government laws and the deficiency in the correct handling for large Quantities of data, analysis and use of big data to obtain mass information of people was impossible. But as always, time changes everything and as technology develops, new ways of using it are also obtained. Little by little, big data becomes a reality and companies begin to use this medium to get to know the trends and tastes of people in real time, in fact there are several softwares to analyze and measure big data among these the best known are: Hadoop and Pentaho (both free software) as well as Netezza, Vertica, DataFlux and Geenplum.

With the use of these tools a great step is taken, making big data is already a reality within the reach of organizations, however when we speak of large amounts of information may not all be of value to the company, even if it is From data to detail you should identify those that are useful for the company’s objectives, among the most useful benefits of big data analysis are:

The retention and loyalty of current customers , we can determine causes and factors that make customers return and find satisfaction with our product or service.
Greater relationship with customers and suppliers , big data not only tells who the current customers are, but also who they want, where they are, how and when they wish to be contacted, as well as taking this information to our suppliers.

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Design and optimization of the entire marketing mix, you can measure the scope and benefit generated in each type of channel and you could distribute the optimal spending in each of them.
The main peculiarity of big data and its analysis is that you can create predictive models and thus be able to remember patterns of behavior of people in order to offer a product before it is necessary or even at the exact time that is required, not Although the prediction in this aspect is not yet fully perfected, this has been demonstrated with Google Flu Trends (GFT), this is a Google service dedicated to capture and project data on the seasonality of the common flu and influenza around the world using big data, however as time goes by the projections of GFT have become increasingly incorrect due to an overestimation in the rates of the disease by this service, this reflects that the handling of big data for the projection has not yet It is feasible.

It is a bit difficult to believe that all our information is available to anyone who can analyze it, however it is a reality, today organizations that correctly handle big data, can use it as a complement for data collection and traditional analysis, achieving greater optimization of your campaigns and obtaining an overview of what your customers need at the right time.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

An Internet Marketing Agency, also called Digital Marketing Agency or Online Marketing Agency, is a company that provides the necessary services to exploit business opportunities on the WEB.
The objective of an Internet Marketing Agency should be to develop creative solutions that adapt to the communication needs Ailment Mailing List of new digital users. Although, as I mentioned before, the new technologies are a strategy to which you should get the most benefit, so we must “professionalize” the Internet. Another objective is to create better solutions, which, traditional media they do not cover due to the great digital revolution caused in recent years.
Nowadays, planning an Offline and Online strategy are totally different things. For this reason we have seen how some agencies have adopted the WEB Strategy as a division of their efforts, but that go hand in hand when it comes to launching users and consumers. Other times, we see how simply the Agency was born with its efforts totally focused on the Internet, and due to the large market that this service covers, they have chosen not to offer the Offline part in their services.
There are agencies focused on only some services such as Social Media, some others attack SEO and SEM, and the most recent, those that use Mobile Technology as their main weapon. Any of them you should choose depending on your goals and strategies. The most advisable thing is that you go to an Integral Agency; These cover a Complete Web Strategy that goes from the development of your site to that of a Mobile App. In short, they cover the majority of Internet Marketing services such as SEO, SEM, Mobile Apps and Marketing, Website Development, e-Commerce, Integral Loyalty and Social Media Strategies among others.

After having decided to have a presence on the internet, a business is faced with another interesting decision since now the internet has become a multiplatform tool, so that not only can a website be accessed through a computer, but also now there is mobile browsing through tablets and smartphones, this provides different navigation experiences since the characteristics of each of these three access routes are very different. Now all the tablets and most of the phones use touchscreen technology, this rules out the use of cursors, due to this the web design of the landing pagesthey must have a wider aesthetic so that the use of the hands does not hinder the visibility of the content. Focusing on mobile devices there are two trends that facilitate the correct interaction of the pages with the user: responsive design and mobile applications.

Both made for the purpose of being used in mobile devices, plus, each one has different specific objectives:

The responsive design is intended for users of mobile devices that come into contact with us through search engines or direct traffic to obtain our URL from another site, the responsive design seeks to improve the first impression of a potential client when entering our website , which is why this first contact has to be attractive as well as facilitating a simple interaction between the user and the page.

The mobile applications on the other hand, besides being specially designed for mobile devices are used primarily for people who are already familiar with the organization ie have already contacted us or given case purchased a product or service and looking to be the pending of the activities of the organization in addition to looking for special offers and information before anyone, for these cases the applications serve as loyalty method, since by means of push messages (notifications) they warn the user about updates, offers, or new information that should review, all this without even the application is running.

Now that we have reviewed the objective of the two, we can decide, well the use of any of them depends on the objectives that the organization has, whether it wants to increase its customers or increase the volume and frequency of its sales, depending on the needs at the moment should be taken into account if you opt for responsive web design or a mobile application .

Taking into account that in several of the organizations and companies does not have a team of programmers at hand, the development of a mobile application can be tedious or impossible if you do not have the necessary knowledge on how to do it, however again technology is the order of the day, because there are already several tools to create a simple application, with the necessary features for any organization or business, an example of this is Upplication, this service develops applications in an accessible and tailored way of any requirement, this in particular is the most useful since, in addition, when creating a mobile application , simultaneously a responsive website is created which can be viewed from any mobile device.

While on the other hand the design of a responsive web page can pose challenges, since all the appropriate website has to be designed for each mobile device, providing the essential information that the page has in its original version, the important thing is these cases is to synthesize the information.

And what happens if my website is not responsive, but I want to make a mobile version? The idea of ​​designing the site from scratch again is very expensive as well as taking a lot of time, but also for these cases sites have been created that offer help to develop mobile versions of entire sites in a very simple way, some of them for free like DudaMovile, Google had a similar page for free, called Full Value of Mobile by Google, however now it has become an electronic commerce measurement tool, which once advanced in the subject will help us calculate the ROI online.

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With respect to this initial difference, the ideal solution, whatever the case may be, is to use both the responsive web design and the mobile application, because although superficially both appear similar, they are actually aimed at different aspects of communication with customers and the public. in general.

In these moments in which the technological use and mobility increase day by day, it is necessary to use both applications and responsive design, it seems exaggerated but the more versatile our channels of communication with customers, the greater our conversion of a simple visitor to our site to a loyal customer.

The evolution of Digital Marketing and internet

The evolution of Digital Marketing and internet

The evolution of Digital Marketing and internet
The evolution of the internet, new media and advertising formats
The evolution of technology and the new rules of the game
Although we do not want to, we are always connected to technology and we are protagonists of everything telling the world what we feel, in these Agricultural Mailing List years the internet has changed our way of thinking and seeing things only knowing that every 60 seconds more than 100 accounts are created , we can not hide with social networks. This leads us to have more social relationships with people we never imagined having.

Internet, media, users and advertising
Did you know that we spend more than 14 hours a day on the internet?

Internet users are people 14 to 44 years old who use this network a lot and make constant purchases on the internet. This is produced because the ways of connecting with other people are now easier, the consumption habits are adapted to our habits of life, this It allows us to do more than one thing at a time around the whole day, more often at night since that is when people have more free time.

Internet is the medium that grows the most with advertising since it is now more adapted to mobile applications and smartphones.

What contents are shared on the internet?
In recent years the content on the Internet has been multiplied by 9, it is estimated that in two years consumption will increase more with more viewed videos and in a shorter time. facebook is the most important or most popular network at the moment.

to purchase by mobile is very high almost 50% of people use it at the time of making purchases, as it facilitates access to stores or products.

Electronic commerce
More than 50% of SMEs increased their consumption thanks to online sales.

social and corporate shopping experiences are created by converting the likes into purchases. 14% of turnover in Spain is like that, Spain is a leader in shopping and 27 of every 100 citizens buy online, but what stands out are the apps that are A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

Marketing through time has had to be more specific, more complex and faster, so it always has to look for new opportunities for action.

Erroneously you have the idea that to carry out an advertising campaign, you should only go to a marketer, when, it is necessary to work together with designers and comunicólogos; in order to achieve a creative idea, valuable enough to achieve the necessary impact.

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find attractive ideas that manage to attract the attention of the consumer and at the same time get low costs, for this reason, guerrilla marketing arises.

Guerrilla marketing are creative actions that have low budget, radically based on consumer behavior and how you think, in order to stimulate the purchase of a product or service and achieve a positive positioning of the brand in the mind of the market .

It all started, with the graffiti technique, but nowadays it goes further, it is a strategy accompanied by a whole image of the product, ranging from advertisements to the internet, the important thing in this scheme is the creativity of the text and the visual complement . They can be used from very large spaces like the wall of a building to a small space like a tire in a truck.

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In our country it is not impossible to do it, it becomes somewhat complicated due to the procedures and permits to be carried out, since public spaces are used and the strategy must be carefully justified and the duration is usually for short periods. The advantage is that in this issue participation is almost null because it is a very new topic and that is not yet done so openly.

The interesting thing is to make the product stand out, to know the psychology of the consumer , through creativity in its maximum expression, since it is so different that it makes people turn to see it without any exception, when it comes to the internet it is so striking and different from any mail, where you can find icons or 3D images or interactive frames.

It is when you use a group of people either live or by cell phone or online to share an idea, the advantage of this technique is that many of the participants are volunteers.

With all the above information, it can be said that guerrilla marketing can be achieved at any time and place, only creativity is needed at its maximum expression.

Security and privacy on the Internet: Some precautions.

Security and privacy on the Internet: Some precautions.

Everything that exists on the Internet and is digitized is available to everyone, is what in principle makes the web an innovative means of communication, everything is public for all, only limited by the consent of the person who shares it. However, while traditional Advertising Agency Mailing List commerce moved towards an e-commerce model, security was and still is an issue that is worth talking about, obviously no one likes to expose their card number, phone number, address and another handful of data that we affect in real life. When what we do on the Internet has an impact on our daily lives, it is necessary to take measures that guarantee the security of our personal data and maintain our privacy.

While it is the responsibility of web service providers, protect our bank accounts, email and other, cyber attacks that may be against these What can we do as users to maintain our privacy and avoid spam or even a hack?

Well, although the web has a number of sites that collect information from us, what we as users can do to keep our privacy safe consists of simple habits that many times nobody follows:

Publish personal data: Usually in social networks we raise our whole life and this has nothing wrong, however it is preferable to keep data such as: phone number, address and email, only visible to those people who are really trusted.
Add unknown contacts: The days when you added friends and emails by the bunch are already in the past, it is preferable to maintain contact only with those people you actually know and thus avoid unwanted messages that will only make you nervous.
Linking or synchronizing accounts: Many times we keep all the accounts we have on the web interconnected using the same email or even synchronize our different mobile devices with the cloud, this although useful in some cases, may result in the same person that sent us a chain by twitter send us again by email or facebook, can even open the door to a hack or identity theft, in which our privacy is exposed.
Passwords : Yes, it is very common that we do not change our passwords or password words that would be very easy for someone to discover, so we recommend using broader passwords with numeric characters, as well as upper and lower case letters and of course, a character Special will add more difficulty for hackers, if you want to know how safe your current password is you can also do a test on this site .
These are some precautions that we must take into account, if we do not want to see our privacy invaded. As users of services and consumers, the personal data we provide to private companies and services are covered in Mexico by the federal consumer protection law as well as the federal law of protection of personal data held by individuals (LFPDPPP) these two in Together they regulate that the entities do not divulge the data that we entrust to them when acquiring some product or service, more, as we well know it is not enough to leave everything in the hands of the companies and we also have to do our part to have our privacy assured.

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First of all, it can be said that the responsibility for privacy on the web is divided into two parts;

The users , who voluntarily decide to share private information sometimes without thinking or even knowing it.

The companies , institutions and different bodies responsible for safeguarding this information.

In all the sites in which we enter our data it is good to take a few minutes to review their privacy policies, as it is established by law that the personal information of any user should not be disclosed unless the latter authorizes it by express, do not trust of the little letters and neither do you piques accept anything.