Who has not realized that traditional media are gradually losing effectiveness with our customers? In the last 3 years, digital media has had an exponential growth in the number of users. This for companies, represents not only an increase in its target market, but also the opening and creation of new niches of users who perhaps, had never before had knowledge of the products that companies sell through the Internet.

You are probably in a dilemma about High School Coaches Email List¬†how to invest your capital in effective means of communication so that your products or services are known by the consumers you want. Maybe you have heard about “Digital Media”, but you do not know when it is really opportune to invest in them. Here are some of the points you should consider when carrying out this investment:

1.- Your company or business has the NEED TO TELL THE WORLD WHAT IT SELLS.
Let you know and that people perceive your company as you see it, that the message you want to communicate is delivered to the segment of users that must arrive and above all have the security that every day this group of people will increase which means new potential customers for your business.

2.- Creating your own digital marketing department for a company involves disbursing a large amount of money.
That maybe, your company is not ready to support. This is when an external agency becomes the best option, since it not only represents a minor investment but also implies the experience that can be contributed to your company by people external to it, who see your business from another point of view.

3.- Digital Marketing is Economic and more Productive than Traditional Marketing
Statistics support Internet Marketing is cheaper and more productive than Traditional Marketing, digital strategies: Email Marketing, Seo or Web Positioning , Advertising on Google with Adwords or any strategy of Inbound Marketing are much cheaper than any Traditional strategy, advertisements in TV or radio, spectacular, mailing, but also the most important in Digital Marketing is that everything can be measured and analyzed knowing almost exactly the cost that has had the acquisition by customer or also called CPA.

4.- When you decide to invest in advertising for your company or business, digital marketing becomes your best option.
In addition to the low costs and the constant increase of users, we are heading to the point where electronic media will become the most used way for any type of transaction and interactivity between people. Why not be there from now?

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Keep in mind that if you hire a Digital Advertising Agency, you will have the support of experts in your campaign. Give yourself the opportunity to know what they do and how they can help your company.

Do you need to improve the positioning of your website of your company? Does your competitor’s website come out in the first place and you want to overcome it? Do not worry in Quantum we have experts and they will help you get the first places, we explain the most important reasons why you should be in the first places of the search engines

1.- Visibility

According to studies, 80% of Internet users do not pass the first page of Google results.
72% of Users click on the first 5 search results.
2.- Potential market .

52% of the population in Mexico has an Internet connection that is approximately 45 million users.
40 Million Daily Searches only in Google Mexico and growing day by day.
3.- Search of information in Google

90% of users have Google as the default search engine, and a large majority as homepage.
4.- Users look for services and products in Google, not in social networks

85% of users in Mexico search for products and services in search engines, not by social networks like Facebook, they do it by Google .
5.-Improve your brand image, Trust

70% of people believe that the companies that appear in the top results are leaders in their field. If Positive Seo you are the market leader, behave as such.
6.-Greater profitability to invest in SEO than in Advertising (PPC, Adwords …)

7 out of 10 users click on organic results (SEO)
The perception of trust in users increases when you appear consistently in the searches they perform. When a user is researching a topic, multiple searches are carried out with different combinations of words. If your company or product appears regularly, the user perceives you as a reliable source.
The cost associated with SEO is usually less than advertising links, creation of online events, development of social networks, etc.
7.-Permanence of long-term positioning

The organic, or natural, positioning obtained with SEO work is maintained over time beyond the actions we perform.
8.- The Digital Marketing Strategy that attracts the most traffic

More than 41% of average visits on our website come from a search engine, 4 times more than those planned for Social Networks
9.- SEO improves Conversion

A page optimized for conversions will have better usability and better content, which will encourage you to mention it in other sites, and get links and referrals. The greater the relevance, the greater the attraction of qualified traffic, and the higher conversion rate.
1st.- You will expand your potential market

Appearing in the top positions of Google, your company can expand globally, you can attract customers from other cities and even from other countries, opening up your market much more.

In short, the web positioning will improve the brand image of your company, the confidence of customers will be greater, you will have better visibility and most importantly, you will increase your sales.
Appearing in the top positions of Google you can attract customers from other cities and even from other countries opening your market much more.

As an example of what e-commerce and good web positioning can be, I include the following inspiring video of a Spanish businessman who, from a town of just under 800 inhabitants in Teruel has more than 40,000 clients, Ricardo Lop began as a baker and farmer and one day he came up with a website to sell knives and weapons and now has more than 40,000 customers and sells all over the world in more than 100 countries.