8 predictions for SEO according to Rand Fishkin
But … Who is Rand Fishkin?
If you are interested in SEO and everything that has to do with it, you know Rand Fishkin, but, do not worry, here we tell you a little about what he does. Rand Fishkin, is the creator of the search engine and marketing company MOZ , but is best known for his popular blogs, in which he talks about SEO and marketing. It can be said that he is the “SEO Guru”.

Predictions from last year, 2016.
Rand Fishkin, made a list of some predictions for 2016, of which we will mention those that, for some reason, were real. .

Organic search results will have less than 70% CTR.
Well, Rand Fishkin, tells us that in 2016 the CTR (the number of clicks that an ad receives) of Google’s Non-Organic results (adwords ads, Veterinary Email List direct answers, etc.) would be increased compared to organic results . He said that at the end of 2016, the organic results would have less than 70% of the CTR, that is, less than 70% of the searches will end in a click towards an organic result.

The use of mobile devices will not interfere with the use of the PC.
He also explained that mobile devices were not going to take away the importance of a PC, since the mobile is not killing the PC, but our free time.

Rand Fishkin was of the opinion that in 2016, the growth in the use of mobile devices to access the Internet compared to the use of a desktop computer would decrease.

However, it is known that the use of smartphones to access the internet has increased in recent years.

Twitter will grow again
Effectively Twitter increased its active users in 2016, from 305 mm to 317 mm, and although it was representative, growth is growth. However, Twitter has not figured out how to grow, yet.

DuckDuckGo will be the new search engine
He also told us that the search engine “DuckDuckGo” would increase its growth. The main feature of this search engine is to maintain privacy in browsing, showing results very similar to Google, so many technological advances were already adopting it as its main search engine. Therefore, Rand Fishkin said that DuckDuckGo would become the fastest growing search engine in 2016. And you, what do you think? … Did you know him?

SEO 2017 Predictions for search engines according to Rand Fishkin
seo and voice search

The voice search will be more than 25% of all Google searches.
The volume of voice searches by means of a desktop computer will remain almost flat; meanwhile, the mobile device will continue to grow.

Rand tells us that the voice search will not be used on the desktop, rather they will grow on mobile devices. Currently between 20 and 25% of the searches by means of a mobile device are by voice. However, interestingly, Google said that in May 2016 these searches were 20%, while in September 2010, they were 25%. Which leads us to believe that the growth of voice searches has been relatively flat. The majority of voice searches are made from the mobile, which is also a trend in search engine rankings for 2017 .

Despite this, voice search is the first high-risk technological change that Search Engine Optimization has faced.

first and only google search engine

Google will continue being the main reference of the traffic of a website.
Neither Facebook, nor any other source, will take him out of his post.

In Rand research, Google stands out from Facebook, YouTube and other search engines, by far, so its prediction is that Google will continue to dominate, regardless of the forecasts on Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon or any other search engine.

search scheme seo

Marketing Technology will not have much consolidation, but there will be, at least, an important outlet among the main SEO software providers.
SEO has always been very small in the software world. Part of this is because SEO is dependent on Google, which creates a risk that many entrepreneurs or investors do not like. The prediction is that, in 2017, we will see one of the main SEO software, which for analysts and possibly entrepreneurs would make it much more interesting. What could start a great strengthening.

Google will extend its services. It will offer paid search ads in highlighted fragments, knowledge graphs and / or carousels.
In 2016, Google ran commercial ads in image search, ran ads in local packages and increased the number of top ads in AdWords. But, despite this, the paid CTRs did not increase, rather, their development was flat.

Amazon searches will increase by 4% or more over Google’s web search volume at the end of the year.
Some Moz data showed that Amazon probably increased 2% of Google’s overall search volume. However, only 4% of all Google searches are for products, and therefore, Amazon can cover that percentage.

The prediction is that Amazon will grow its penetration and search volume, due to its strategy of covering 4% or more of Google’s product searches.

twitter independent social network

Speaking of Twitter, it will remain independent. It will be the most valuable and popular network for publishers and influencers.
Its share price has sunk. Its growth has been moderate. Trolls and abuse torment the platform. Despite this, Rand believes that Twitter will continue to be the most powerful social network for publishers and influencers to connect, share and converse.

Twitter, unlike other social networks , has open systems of the platform and its huge presence in the media give it a plus. Although many users think otherwise, possibly because Twitter has not shown the growth that closed networks (Facebook) have. Twitter remains independent. So, in 2017, we will continue to see a Twitter with revenue growth and users slower than Wall Street would like, but maintaining its cultural status and influence.

static mobile applications

The most popular mobile applications will remain almost static.
The mobile applications have dominated the time and money invested to mobile devices. Google and Facebook have a total of 8 of the 10 most important applications, and those applications are responsible for more than 90% of all the activity of the application. Almost no change is predicted in the most popular apps in this 2017. For SEO, applications continue to provide some additional ranking opportunities, especially on mobile devices with Android (a little less on iOS).

In 2017, Google will publicly admit that it uses participation data as an input to its rating systems, not just for learning
Google, in recent years, has become a less misleading and more open page in questions of how your search engine works. Fishkin expects this year to extend into the scope of commitment data because it would have a real and positive impact. The user experience will be the way to a better classification.

And I will add one more that I consider important for this new year.

seo videos youtube

SEO on YouTube. The videos will be protagonists of the 2017
More and more people are visual, so the videos are gaining strength. All social networks already have the option to record videos, such as Facebook’s “LiveStream”, Instagram’s direct and Twitter’s Periscope. But in which we are going to focus today and that has much more time is on YouTube, which being an important part of Google, is generating more importance in searches.

YouTube has a billion users and is the favorite network of Millennials, so a well positioned video allows more traffic to your website; which makes Google position it better.