When summer approaches we all look for and need a break after a year of hard work. Depending on what you do, you can disconnect more or less. But usually, August is the month to rest.

In my case during this month, in addition to working for my clients, it is becoming the month of challenges newzealand email database. Last year I dedicated it to generating content for my online marketing course, which I later turned into a marketing mentoring program where I combine training with work sessions.

This year the challenge is perhaps even greater. It’s about writing my fourth book.

70,000 words
I am immensely lucky to once again have the confidence of a great publisher like Anaya Multimedia and with the guidance of Eugenio Tuya as editor.

Since I started talking with Eugenio, I have the challenge that comes to mind. Writing a book is a great effort, commitment and perseverance.

Based on past experiences with the course and the other books, it was clear to me that the only time was August. Talking with Eugenio, the figure came up. 70,000 are the words that, on average, have a book.

So I said to myself, what better way to commit, than to make it public? So to not give me time to back out I posted it on my profiles

Here you have the Instagram post:

70,000 words equals 1 year and a half of this blog
Looking for equivalences of what it would mean to write the book I installed a plugin in the blog that gave me the data (yes, I can not avoid measuring everything and having the objective data!).

In these more than 9 years, I have written 732 articles which make 445,288 words in total.

So doing the quick calculation I write about 49,476.4 words a year. That is to say, that writing the book would be equivalent to 1.41 years of this blog.

And all these words I intend to write in 7 weeks. That’s how they are round numbers. So you should have the first draft for September 19.

Will I be able? Time will tell! I will tell you my progress in my social profiles with the hashtag # 70000 words.