One of the main objectives of digital marketing is to find the strategies that allow converting the people who visit your website or online store into leads , that is, records in our database or customer prospects. Once they are part of our system, this gives us an indication that they CPA Email List are interested in the product and / or service we offer.

How can you make your first contact with the Internet user impact so much that they are interested in your business? Here we will give you the main keys to attract qualified leads to your venture.

Why Qualified Leads?

It is not about attracting any type of person to your database, but only those who feel an affinity for your brand. A qualified lead is one that fits with the characteristics of our buyer or target audience. This is important because it increases the likelihood that they end up acquiring your product or service and become your customers. The idea is that a percentage of people who visit you through the web are attracted to your downloadable content, offers or news and end up providing their data in a form, which would convert them into leads or records for your database . You should always question yourself if your current strategy for obtaining leads allows you to get the ones that really interest you.


If you only want to boost your brand in a general way, that is, make branding, obtaining records of many segments is valid, but if you want to convert them into real customers of your products, make sure they meet the following characteristics:

Let your profile match your target.
As a user you are not only interested in the content you offer on your website but also in your products or services.
That you have a certain level of engagement, that is, interaction or identification with your brand.

To obtain quality leads, you need to focus on 4 keys:

Do a thorough analysis to build your buyer persona or customer profile that fits with your project. Do not settle for basic data such as sex or horticultural level but you should explore more with deeper surveys that allow you to know aspects such as:

Behavior and buying habits.
Interests, hobbies, desires and wishes.
Values, ideals and philosophy of life.
Things that displease or displease.

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Once you have this analysis, you must create a blog with content that is specifically directed to that audience. You can also take advantage of content marketing by making downloadable digital proposals such as ebooks, whitepapers, info graphics or guides. You can also use other platforms to offer content such as Webinars, which are online seminars that will allow you to demonstrate the domain you have regarding an issue or industry. This is an excellent initiative to approach your potential clients and know the characteristics of those who are more interested. Adapt your website to make it easier to generate leads including elements such as:

Contact numbers in each of your pages. This increases the confidence of users towards your services.

Forms on the most important pages of your website. Not only in the contact section but in all those that can work as a landing page.

It is important that you incorporate all the necessary fields to know if your registration meets the ideal profile from the first download.

Offering a live chat is one of the latest trends to capture leads, as it can help you answer any questions and also capture emails from visitors who are also interested in your offers.

Dedicate yourself to knowing in detail your buyer person. You can do this by conducting interviews or surveys of real clients that meet your desired profile. Ask them about the pages they visit, what they are looking for in Google, the problems they are trying to solve through the internet, etc.

Research blogs and web portals compatible with the characteristics of your target and propose collaborations through guest posts or content submissions. Identify those collaborations that have been most successful and repeat them.

Participate in social networks and online communities looking for related groups where you browse your buyer person to share there your content and the added value of your product. This is a way to get closer to your goal more actively, increasing the probability of attracting qualified leads.

Remember that a lead will be truly valuable to you when it offers you the possibility to work with it, qualify it and prepare it for the purchase of your product or service. There are two marketing automation processes that will allow you to determine the value of a lead:

Lead Scoring

These are automated processes that allow us to rate each lead based on factors such as its behavior with our website, blogs, content or emails. The main objective is to detect at which point of the sales funnel or pipeline each one is located and in this way detect who is more likely to make a commercial transaction.
Knowing this, it is much easier to redirect the sales force to the design of customized proposals for each client.