10 reasons to sell online in Mexico – Ecommerce
How to Sell on the Internet?
There is much talk about selling online, the figures do not lie because the growth of this sector on the Internet promises a lot for the coming years, however for one reason or another there are still people who do not decide to venture into the shopping market online. If you or your company are engaged in the sale of items or services we give you 5 reasons to decide at Hospital Contact List  once, start to organize your site and sell online.

1. It’s easier if you do it from the start
The ways and ways of doing business have changed there are online stores that do not necessarily have physical establishments, if you want to put a store online the easiest thing is to plan all the business and its environment to sell from the beginning on the Internet, it is a little more complicated to adapt the logistics of a physical business to an online environment.

2. Variety of platforms
Currently, if you simply want to sell on the Internet, there are several free tools that will make your life easier when you want to make a store, which we recommend are: Magento, Prestashop and Woocommerce, they are intuitive and easy to customize tools, these will allow you to count from a simple store with few products to one with thousands, they are very scalable and have many functions.

3. Ease to keep inventory control
Undoubtedly, selling on the Internet gives the advantage that sales reports can be immediately generated through the various sales platforms, as well as statistics on what sells the most and clear databases of customers who have contacted or reached your destination. store.

4. Complete Information – Measuring is the Key
It is usual that in a physical store someone goes by, buys something and never in life do you see it again, well through the online stores you can have a record of all the people who have bought with which you can locate clients that no longer They have returned and put you in contact with them to be able to generate a second contact.

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5. Everywhere 24 hours
Regardless of where you are, it is possible that someone from the other side of the world can visit your site, check products and place orders, you decide where to send or not send your products. It takes advantage of the millions of users that the Internet has and increases the possibilities of growth.

6. Reduce costs
An online store is much cheaper, since you avoid paying the rent of a local and what this includes, such as electricity, water, etc. and even salaries. In addition, Internet advertising is much cheaper and more effective than conventional advertising.

7. Increase loyalty with your customers
There are many companies that do not have an online presence yet. With this opportunity you can get your customers to know your products and have the option to buy them instantly and without leaving home or office, facilitating the purchase process and improving the user’s Internet experience.

8. Increase customer satisfaction
Compared to common stores, an online store or e-commerce focuses more on customer service and monitoring, since the product takes some time to reach its final destination. They usually have chat for questions and advice and guarantees of total satisfaction. And, as elsewhere, when a customer is satisfied with your product and your purchase, it is safest to return to the site to buy more things and even recommend it.

9. Security
Currently distrust is one of the main reasons why many users do not purchase products online because they do not know the purchase process, the product and the payment platforms, however, nowadays, any payment platform has the seal of confidence of AMIPCI, which protects the data of the users and yours. This motivates the Internet user to make online purchases safely, easily and quickly.

10. Easy deliveries
Many think that when a purchase is made online, the product may arrive damaged or not arrive on time, however, more and more logistics companies are offering immediate delivery services with quality. Another benefit of online stores is that you can use an order tracking, where your customers track the shipment of your product, and your confidence increases.

These are just 10 reasons to have an online store, do not wait any longer and start earning money through the Internet. What do you think? If you are not very sure you can also review these 10 advantages that e-commerce has. and if you want we can advise you to create your own Online Store

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One of the main challenges when considering investing in advertising on the Internet, more specifically in Google, is undoubtedly understanding how the ads will be displayed and the relationship they have with the search terms. If you are just beginning to familiarize yourself with online advertising concepts, we can start at the beginning and give a small reminder with some frequently asked questions about how AdWords is structured and works:

What is Google Adwords?

It is an online advertising system, specifically for advertisements through the different associated websites and services that Google has (Gmail, YouTube and websites with Google AdSense)

Where do my ads appear?

They can appear on google’s results pages (SERP), on sites with AdSense implementation and on YouTube.

In what format can an ad be displayed?

This depends on the type of campaign, but may be the following:

A simple text in the results of a search
An image on a website that has Google AdSense integrated
A video through websites that allow it or on YouTube
If I pay more, will my ad appear more times?

This model is the one that traditional advertising manages in mass media, however AdWords works in a different way because it puts the user experience first instead of economic interests, for which the direct response would be a NO.

Now that we remember a bit of what is going on, let’s begin to explain more thoroughly this last part that undoubtedly everyone is interested, if money is not the main factor to show an ad, how is this system then?
The aspects taken into account are focused on the satisfaction of the user, that is, that are closest to what the Internet user is looking for, think of a hypothetical example: You are searching the Internet for a piece of designer clothing , not only that it is a craft, that is, made by hand, but also that, the design has been thought by a specialist, it would be very bad that just because some advertiser had greater economic capacity to hire advertising, only ads would appear of this or another advertiser with greater purchasing power. Due to this, AdWords makes big brands compete with other bidders to display a wide variety of ads as close to what Internet users are really looking for.

What is taken into account for my ad to appear and determine its place with respect to others?

Ad quality: This is literally what the text, video or image says, it is considered that both coincide with what the user is looking for, as well as in case that ads have been previously made, the rate at which The Internet user stays at the site to which he directs the ad, this part can be well managed by a Google AdWords specialist who knows how to assemble and coordinate a campaign.

Quality of the site to which the ad is directed: This means that the operation of the website also influences the position of advertising, speed, mobile-adapted design and other technical aspects can be solved or corrected by an experienced programmer.

Assigned search terms: The words the user uses to search also influence whether the advertisement appears or not, the ads do not necessarily have to have the exact words but it is considered that they are so related and congruent with the original search.

Real Time Bidding: Real-time auction is your translation and works by bringing together all the advertisers who want your ad to appear when someone enters a certain search term. They start competing with each other to see which ad or ads will be the ones that will appear and in what order they will be, all based on the combination of the above factors and the minimum amount assigned to their ads, in this part is where take into account the budget. It is worth mentioning that real time bidding is not a single process but rather happens every time a user searches for information.

Well, now you know how AdWords works and what you have to improve. This will serve to be able to appear in the first places of publicity and step to obtain a better performance.